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Summer makeup trend – dolphin skin, Photo 913

10 August 2022


Summer makeup trend – dolphin skin

Luminous skin has been in trend for several years (don’t forget about the glass skin or gym skin). But dolphin skin is an entirely new trend that has already become mega-popular on Instagram. This makeup is sure to please girls who want their skin to look fresh and shining. Get the details of the “dolphin skin” effect.

What is this trend

Mary Phillips, makeup artist and ambassador of the Iconic London brand, introduced the dolphin skin name. In an interview with fashion magazine Glamor US, she describes her vision as follows: “Dolphin skin is an image that copies a face after a dive in the pool.” Hard to imagine? Dolphin skin is described as “smooth, sun-drenched and slightly slippery”. Perfect for summer!

How to achieve the dolphin skin effect

You need to layer the shiny textures very thinly to achieve this effect. It seems that no effort has been made to do this, but in reality, it is challenging and not fast.

Your task is to create volume on the most convex areas of the face:

  1. Skin preparation is an essential step in creating dolphin skin. Use a moisturiser and apply a shimmering primer on top.
  2. Avoid products with a mattifying effect. You can add a few drops of highlighter to your favourite makeup foundation.
  3. Then, alternately apply radiant products with translucent formulas on convex areas (under the eyebrows, on the cheekbones, above the lip) — for example, liquid blush, lip balm, shimmering shadows of neutral shades.
  4. Finish the makeup with a highlighter with a gel texture and apply a thin layer of mineral powder.
  5. Spray thermal water on your face to create the wet skin effect.

The makeup will be more pronounced if the dermis has been appropriately prepared. Therefore, before you apply makeup, you should make sure: the face was well cleansed and moisturised.

To enhance the effect of radiance, apply oil with shimmering particles and a moisturiser with reflective mother-of-pearl elements.