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Stylish nail design with a video tutorial

We girls love a neat manicure, but the classics over time get bored and we want something more original, unusual. Today we have prepared a step-by-step guide of stylish gradient nail design with a mirror pigment that you do not need an airbrush for.

  1. Prepare your nails: give them shape, cut a cuticle, use a buff, treat with a dehydrator, ultra bond, and cover with a base (it should be baked in a lamp).
  2. Apply a white gel polish. Apply in several layers if needed (bake each layer in a lamp). Remove the sticky layer, if any.
  3. Apply black gel paint at the root of the nail, mix it with a sponge. The less we press on a sponge, the less the gel paint will be reflected. Polymerize the image in the lamp.
  4. Similarly, apply another layer of black gel paint and blend it with a sponge.
  5. When you like the gradient pattern, get to the next step – cover the nails with a top without a sticky layer (dry it in a lamp) and apply chrome pigment starting from the base of the nail. With light rubbing movements, distribute the pigment, gradually stepping onto the white colour.
  6. To enhance the chromium effect, we take a shadow applicator and apply another layer of mirror pigment. After we have distributed the rub, remove the remains with a fan brush, polymerize the design.
  7. Then, cover the design with a non-sticky top layer (in order not to lose the chromium effect) and dry it in the lamp.
  8. Cover the nail with a top with a sticky layer and polymerize it in the lamp. Remove the sticky layer.

Stylish and original nail design is ready. You can see a video tutorial below

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