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TOP 5 procedures your man is better not to know about

In pursuit of beauty, we, women, are ready to endure a lot, ranging from mental pain when parting with the money in a cosmetologist’s office to pain quite tangible — most beauty procedures are painful. Another unpleasant gift of some care procedures is the rehabilitation period, during which we look especially intimidating. The updated GoBeauty has prepared for you a list of procedures that need to be completed before your husband returns from a business trip.

  1. Vampire Facial mask for your face. The procedure got its name for a reason: after its completion, the face looks like after a good fight. But it’s worth the result: after a few days, you can notice a clear nourishing and moisturizing effect due to the use of your own blood as the main therapeutic component. A special mask prepared on the basis of blood with various vitamins and nutritional components is also offered to women. Even if you have a medical education, you should not agree to conduct the procedure at home or in front of a man. It is better to ask your colleagues to help.
  2. Socks for a pedicure. Thanks to the Korean socks for a pedicure, a lot of girls have forgotten about the nail files with pumice. The tool perfectly fights with corns, calluses and coarsened skin. However, there is one nuance. The skin, after a night in such socks, slashes from the heels approximately, as from a snake during a moult. If there is no desire, albeit, in affectionate form, to hear the ridicule in your address it is better to hide this procedure from the eyes of the household.
  3. Depilation. Men know about the fact that women also have hair not only on the head. There are many different methods of dealing with it. Whichever one you choose, a man is better not to know about it. The perfect option would be an appointment at the salon and depilation with the use of wax or laser hair removal by a professional.
  4. Phenol peeling. One of the most controversial, but also the most popular procedures. It can be median or deep. As the name implies, the main active substance is phenol, which penetrates deep into the dermis, burning through its connective tissue. At the place of the destroyed collagen and elastin fibres, new ones are actively beginning to grow. This ensures the renewal of deep layers of the skin, tightening and smoothing of deep wrinkles. But in the first days after the procedure, the face looks as if you were holding it over a fire for several minutes. Therefore, it is better to plan the procedure for the time when the husband is visiting mom or fishing with an overnight stay.
  5. Manipulations with a breast. Although this is not a cosmetic procedure it deserves a place in our article. Of course, men are aware of push-up bras and silicone inserts, the identification of which in their half guarantees at least a couple of scabrous jokes. However, a special scotch for the breast, fixing it in the desired position and false nipples, some have not heard. Let it remain a secret for them


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