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Let it snow: winter makeup features, Photo 1452

04 January 2023


Let it snow: winter makeup features

In winter, the skin needs even more care. In the cold season, the face suffers from temperature, drying and wind. Due to this, seasonal makeup has some features that can be avoided. Read about these essential points in our new article.

Winter makeup features

Face toning

In the cold season, the skin of the face requires increased moisture, because of the low temperatures evaporate from its surface much more moisture, which is necessary to maintain elasticity. The cream will protect the skin from the cold and dry air in rooms where heaters and conditioners work, as well as gives it velvety.

It is not recommended to go outside without a tonal base, which should contain not only protective components but also vitamins and antioxidants. The foundation should have a thick texture, but not clog the pores of the face. As for the powder, it has the property of drying the skin, so it is not recommended in winter for people with dry skin type.

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With the onset of winter, the tan obtained during the summer vacation is washed away, and to pick up the tone of powder and tone cream should be lighter shades than in summer. It will make your appearance as natural as possible.

UV protection

SPF protection is required even in winter, especially when there is snow on the street. UV rays reflect it and become even brighter. In winter, the lowest protection factors are from 10 to 15 (but if you’re going to the mountains, take at least SPF 30). So choose the right creams and powders with the appropriate markings.

Lips makeup

In the winter, lip care should be given special attention. Your must-have winter products should be scrubs and lip balms with Vitamin E and nourishing oils. They are best used in pairs. Make it a rule to do peeling every night and then apply a balm to your lips. In no case, leave the house without a hygienic lipstick. Use it both alone and as a base under the lipstick. Now the actual effect of bitten lips – no precise contours and strict forms. Everything should be natural and straightforward. And if you want colours, choose cherry shades: from a light pink veil to a rich burgundy.

Eyes makeup

Since a large amount of rainfall characterizes winter, eye makeup is appropriate:

  • mascara and eyeliner, which hold well in conditions of high humidity and cold;
  • creamy and liquid textures of shadows, along with dry and compact ones;
  • shimmering metallic shades with restrained colours, applied all over the eyelid and carefully blended.