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TOP-7 stylish summer pedicure ideas

Summer is in full swing, so it’s time to take care of creating a new style, including a stylish pedicure. Bright and creative summer pedicure impresses with many fantastic solutions. Which one to choose? Let’s decide together.


This design has no seasonal restrictions because it can be done in the hot heat, and the cool season when your pedicure will be contemplated only by a loved one.

Bright red, marsala, green, crimson, black, deep blue, emerald, coffee, yellow, orange pedicure colours look great.

Glitter design

Coral varnish goes well with multicoloured large sequins. You can easily repeat this design: apply coloured varnish on a third of the nail on top of a translucent base, stepping back slightly from the hole, and smooth the border with a strip of glitter. The fourth toe can be completely covered with sequins if desired.

Marble pedicure

Yes, this design can be repeated yourself! Apply light pink nail polish, wait 20 seconds and make small strips of white nail polish. To make it look like marble texture, take an orange stick and run it over your nails. Fast, beautiful and stylish!


You can also surprise with beautiful drawings on your nails and stunning nail art on your feet. For this purpose, it is necessary to choose a stylish pedicure with drawings that you like. How about flowers? Or maybe graphics? And if you are not going on vacation this year, you can decorate your nails with exotic fruits, such as pineapple.

Stylish matte pedicure

This trend does not give up positions for more than the first season. Although the design is quite restrained, you want to look at it. Wine in a matte finish looks elegant and expensive, and if you add a little shiny decor on the big toe, a pedicure will be self-sufficient and stylish.


The beauty of ombre will fit perfectly into the summer mood. Choose an ombre pedicure, which is presented by unusual novelties in any of the styles. Here are bright examples of gradients for summer pedicures, delicate and cute designs, complemented by drawings of palm trees, flowers and rhinestones.

Colour block

It will be possible to make a bright pedicure even more stylish this summer with the “colour block” technique. The colourful sectors into which the nail is divided when performing this summer design gives playfulness and brightness to a summer stylish pedicure. If desired, a pedicure can be supplemented with a small amount of glitter.

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