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25 July 2022


Three in bed: sex during pregnancy

While waiting for a baby, all couples ask themselves, “What about sex life?” And if in the first trimester between the toxicosis thoughts of intimacy are practically missed, then from the fourth month, the desire for closeness gradually returns. And ideas about sex during pregnancy are opposed: some claim that it is harmful, while others say it is necessary. Let’s try to dispel the basic myths, based on the opinion of experts.

Yes or No

Most expectant parents are afraid of accidentally harming the child. However, from a scientific point of view, sex during pregnancy can not harm the baby in any way. In the first place, this prevents the anatomical structure of the female body. The fetus in the uterus is as protected as possible from any encroachment. The integrity of the amniotic fluid (or “amniotic fluid”) is preserved, the elastic muscles and the mucous tube, which is a natural barrier that prevents both bacteria and sperm from entering. The size of the penis also does not affect the possibility of having sex during pregnancy. To “reach out” to the baby from the inside and to harm it is impossible.

Some young couples fear that orgasm may lead to miscarriage or premature birth. We can assume that the emergence of this belief is related to historical experience. One hundred fifty years ago, the chances of having a baby were less than they are now. For example, in the second half of the nineteenth century, the proportion of abortions in the United States was about 70% of all pregnancies. Currently, an involuntary termination ends only 10-20% of pregnancies. The situation has changed mainly in the second half of the XX century in connection with the development of medicine and prenatal care. Orgasm has nothing to do with it.

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Are there any restrictions on poses for the pregnant woman

Many expectant mothers have heard that one should avoid having sex in a missionary position during pregnancy. But there are divergent opinions on this point. Some say that the baby is securely protected by the amniotic fluid so that the pressure of the man from above can not cause harm. Still, others advise not to try fate and to give up all the poses with the pressure on the belly. The ideal pose for sex with a pregnant woman – on the side.

Another critical point is not the position but the intensity of sex. Here, experts agree that pregnant women should prefer a more relaxed style. The sharp and fast “sports” sex will have to be abandoned for a while.

When sex is not recommended for pregnant women

There are times when the expectant mother is not recommended and even forbidden to have sex. The main reason for such a ban is the threat of miscarriage. If so, a pregnant woman is not just advised to forget about sex for a while, but in some cases, they are forbidden even to contact her husband. Doctors fear that even the slightest disturbance can trigger a miscarriage.

There are other situations when sex is not recommended for pregnant women:

  • if there is a risk of termination of pregnancy (most often it concerns only the first trimester, i.e. up to 12 weeks);
  • 5-6 weeks after IVF;
  • if there is a placenta previa;
  • when there is PPI (isthmic-cervical insufficiency) – a pathological condition in which the isthmus and cervix are not able to withstand intrauterine pressure and hold the fetus;
  • if two or more previous pregnancies ended in miscarriage;
  • if there is a threat of premature birth in the second and third trimesters.

The gynaecologist should tell about all these risks to the expectant mother. The main thing is not to be shy and ask him questions.