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Understanding Hair Color Oxidants What They Are and How to Choose the Perfect One

Hair color oxidants are essential components of the hair dyeing process, but many people are unfamiliar with their purpose and how to select the right one. In this article, we’ll shed light on what hair color oxidants are, their role in the hair coloring process, and how to choose the perfect oxidant for your hair type and desired shade.

What is a Hair Color Oxidant?

A hair color oxidant, also known as a developer, is a hydrogen peroxide-based solution used in combination with hair dye to effectively change the hair’s color. It plays a crucial role in the hair coloring process by opening the hair cuticle, allowing the color molecules to penetrate the hair shaft, and facilitating the development of the desired shade.

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How Hair Color Oxidants Work: When mixed with the hair dye, the oxidant’s hydrogen peroxide reacts with the color molecules, causing them to expand and become trapped within the hair’s cortex. This chemical reaction results in a permanent change in hair color, ensuring the new shade lasts until the hair grows out or is recolored.

Different Types of Oxidants and Their Strengths: Hair color oxidants come in various strengths, typically measured in volume (e.g., 10, 20, 30, or 40 volume). The strength of the oxidant determines the degree of hair lightening and the final hair color result. Here’s a breakdown of the different oxidant strengths and their effects:

  • 10 Volume (3%): Suitable for depositing color or darkening the hair, with minimal to no lightening effect.
  • 20 Volume (6%): Ideal for covering gray hair or lightening the hair by 1-2 levels.
  • 30 Volume (9%): Used for lightening the hair by 2-3 levels or for high-lift colors.
  • 40 Volume (12%): Provides the most significant lifting effect, lightening the hair by 3-4 levels. Typically used with bleach or high-lift hair colors.

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How to Choose the Right Hair Color Oxidant: Selecting the right hair color oxidant depends on your hair type, current hair color, and desired shade. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect oxidant:

  1. Consult the hair dye manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended oxidant strength to achieve the desired result.
  2. Consider your hair’s condition: If your hair is damaged or fragile, opt for a lower volume oxidant to minimize further damage.
  3. For gray hair coverage or a darker shade, choose a 10 or 20 volume oxidant.
  4. When aiming for a lighter shade or a high-lift color, select a 30 or 40 volume oxidant. However, be cautious when using high-strength oxidants, as they can cause increased hair damage if not used correctly
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