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What to wear to ruin your look?, Photo 2293

13 August 2023


What to wear to ruin your look?

Some things can save the worst outfit, and the most common tandem of boyfriend jeans and white jersey will turn into a stylish look. And some clothes and accessories will make look “cheap” even trendy designer outfits. And it’s not about the cost of things, but about their impact on your appearance. Absurd details can play an evil joke with you.

Low-quality bags and shoes made of artificial materials

In general, any poor thing instantly distorts the look, makes it “cheap”. But the bags and shoes, in particular, need special attention to their quality and condition. We do not talk about artificial leather or suede products. Today, many fashion brands refuse natural materials for the protection of animals. And they create things of very high quality, which have a beautiful appearance and practical use. But most mass-market manufacturers neglect the variety of materials. Usually, such shoes or bags lose their initial appearance in a week, and sometimes faster. The best option is to choose things of better quality. Very often, in the case of shoes and bags “cheap” appearance and low price – the concept of adjacent.

So, it’s better to give preference to more expensive things. For example, buy instead of several pairs of low-quality shoes, one pair of more expensive, made from quality materials. They will serve much longer and will not treacherously hurt your look. Another tip for buying bags and shoes. You should abandon famous fake brands. Very often these counterfeits are worth a lot of money, but they look bad. Here even a “qualitative” fake sells itself from afar. It is better to give the advantage of no-name brands and emphasise quality and stylish design. There are a lot of budget products from novice designers.

Any copy of things in your wardrobe will in no way decorate you and will not be able to add the “status” and “jewels” of the outfit.

Jeans with an understated waist

Not only “cheap” bags and shoes spoil the look. Some elements of the everyday wardrobe are a long time to go to the trash. For example, jeans with an understated waist that opening up underwear. This trend was at the peak of fame in the early 2000s. But now, even though a lot of retro trends are coming back, this is precisely what should be forgotten. Such jeans look vulgar, and nothing can save the look with them.

In general, lingerie that looks from under your clothes, in most cases, will spoil the look and “cheapen” it. Undoubtedly, on the podium, you can see enough examples of transparent blouses. But in everyday life, it is better to refrain from such elements of the wardrobe, so as not to cross that elegance and style line. The list of such “cheap” wardrobe items that spoil the outfit can be continued almost indefinitely. But if you have any doubts about “does this look cheap?”, it’s enough to follow some simple tips.

Choose things only from quality materials, give preference, not quantity, but quality. Pay attention to the classic elements of the wardrobe and make a basic wardrobe for them, they stay in the trend longer. Basic things are more comfortable to add with bright accessories.

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