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02 September 2022


What type of hair extensions to choose?

Hair extensions are a quick way to increase hair length and volume. However, to get a good result, you need to choose the right procedure and take into account all the features, pros and cons. Today, GoBeauty Blog will talk about the benefits and disadvantages of each.

Extensions with keratin capsules (Italian)

This method is also called hot because in the course of the procedure there is an effect on keratin with high-temperature. As a result, the keratin melts, temporarily, turning into a viscous mass, which allows you to fasten it quickly with a strand of your hair. This method is the strongest. With all the rules of care, the hair can be worn for three months without removing. The only reason for the correction is that the hair itself grows and the strands fall too low and it becomes noticeable.

Most often, keratin for capsules is used transparent, which makes it invisible.

This method gives a great variety in the choice of hairstyles. It is possible to wear not only loose hair with falling curls but also braids or a high ponytail. Similarly, this type of extension is also applicable to more complex hairstyles, such as a wedding, in which the capsules remain unnoticed.

Pros of hot hair extensions:

  • a long period of wearing;
  • variety of hairstyles;
  • small keratin capsules invisible in curls;
  • the possibility of short hair extensions;
  • capsules do not block combing.

Cons of hot extensions:

  • high cost;
  • hair cannot be curled or straightened near the roots, capsules may melt;
  • it is forbidden to visit places with high temperatures (sauna).

Tape hair extensions

Tape extensions refer to the cold method. The bottom line is that the hair is fastened with special flat tongs, without the use of hot tools or any other warming elements.

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Pros of tape hair extensions:

  • the ability to grow hair without using special equipment;
  • fast procedure;
  • hair is not exposed to high temperatures;
  • the glue has a transparent structure and is almost invisible.

Cons of such extensions:

  • since the hair is fastened on the wide tapes, it is not possible to lift it into the high hairstyle;
  • correction is needed in 1.5-2 months;
  • impossibility of short hair extensions.

Tresses hair extensions

This method also applies to the cold and has a Hollywood name. A distinctive feature of this method is the lack of additional adhesive materials for fastening the curls.

Tress is the hair sewn with the threads at the top. Fastenings not exceeding three millimetres in thickness. And the threads matched with the hair are invisible.

On the head, in the occipital part weave thin horizontal French braids, on which tresses are sewn. This hairstyle looks so natural that it is almost impossible to detect the extensions.

Pros of the tresses hair extensions:

  • can be easily removed without the assistance of the hairstylist in the salon;
  • no additional adhesive materials are used;
  • hair extensions are not visible and look very natural.

Cons of tress hair extensions:

  • the hair roots are very tight.

Choosing the technology of hair extensions

We do not advise you to choose the technology on your own. To do this, you need to assess the condition of the hair and take into account contraindications that only the hairstylist can do. You can consider the features of different techniques, select several appropriate options and discuss them with a specialist.

Each technique has contraindications to use. Usually, it is a serious allergic reaction, dermatological diseases, chemotherapy, alopecia, caused by disorders in the body. In the case of chronic or acute illnesses, you should consult a doctor before visiting a salon.