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When better is not the enemy of the good: increasing the effect of masks, Photo 3014

04 January 2024


When better is not the enemy of the good: increasing the effect of masks

Masks are excellent products for taking care of the skin of the face to save youth and beauty. But we, girls, always strive for perfection! What can be done to enhance the effect of masks? GoBeauty Blog will tell about it today.

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Cool before use

Gel masks are produced to remove inflammation and irritation, narrow the blood vessels and soothe the skin. The case will go faster if you pre-put a tube with a mask in a freezer for 10 minutes. The main thing is not to leave the product at a minus temperature for a long time.

Have a steam bath before applying the mask

This technique we know from cosmetologists – they always steam the skin before mechanical cleaning. It’s easy to do it at home – take a bath of hot water and wash your face with a regular cleanser. 15-20 minutes is enough to open the pores and to improve the penetrating ability of the components of the mask.

Massage with jars

Another great way to open the pores and activate blood circulation of the skin of the face. To do this, you will need a jar (which can be purchased at Aliexpress for 1-2 dollars) and a face cleanser in the form of a gel or foam. Apply it on your face and massage the massage line. You will have enough 15-20 minutes to rub your entire face and chin. Then apply a mask and hold it following the instructions.


The relatively new procedure for the implementation of which requires a particular device – dermapen. The principle of the process is simple: a set of needles of diminutive size pierce the skin, leaving the microchannel on the surface. It stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin more active. An essential condition for the effectiveness of the procedure is the rapid application of mask or serum to the skin after treatment with needles. Cosmetologists advise to divide the face into zones and work it out alternately.

Turn over to the other side

This tip is relevant for sheet masks. Most often, they are very generously imbued with cosmetic ingredients. It’s foolish not to use it. Therefore, we recommend the first 10 minutes to use one side of the mask, then flip it over and leave it for another 10 minutes. In this way, you will double the result and get an additional dose of moisturising.

But it makes no sense to bother with moisturising masks with a creamy texture. They can be left even for the night. Besides, there is a category of special night masks. Applying before bedtime – and it works until you sleep. It’s fantastic, isn’t it!