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Yulia Ublinskykh – a success story

If someone owns a business, then a whole world of opportunities and pleasures opens up in front of him in the form of unlimited money and fame, you just have to reach out. In fact, behind every successful business is titanic work, tears of despair, burnout, and ups and downs. How do business people find motivation for their work? How do they help themselves not to drown in the ocean of difficulties, when it seems that the light at the end of the tunnel goes out, like the light bulb in the room, while DTEK turns off the light, and to continue their development? How do failures help to develop further and reach unprecedented heights? Yulia Ublinskykh recently spoke about finding oneself in realization through business at the International Conference for Entrepreneurs in Warsaw.

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Yulia is a commercial real estate consultant in the direction of opening beauty businesses, co-founder and director of GoBeauty Studios company (it has 105 equipped offices), a beauty salon in Warsaw, the author of the book “Harmful Advice for Beauty Salon Administrators” and “Speaking publicly in buzz” master-class. The “path record”, as Yulia notes with a laugh, you will agree, is considerable. So how to go from the state of “dream” to the state of “reality” in creating a successful business? First, and everyone has to come to terms with this, maybe everything will seem unsuccessful in the beginning, and failures will happen more often than the Earth rotates once on its axis. However according to Yulia, our mistakes are invaluable experiences that should be used.

Here is a list of the main mistakes made when creating projects:

  • You don’t question the market “Do you need my product at all?”;
  • You rely on your acquaintances;
  • You do everything yourself, without a team;
  • You save on marketing;
  • You do not believe in the project, you devalue your achievements, and you are afraid to move forward.

As a result of failures, business people can (and probably will) encounter such concepts as the fear of a new failure or the fear of the unknown after success (and then what to do if this success is, how to develop further?), fear of criticism, judgment “Why to start if it still doesn’t work”, inability to relax and rest (“What if everything falls apart at this time?”), fear of losing the team, partners, etc. In Yulia’s opinion, if fears prevent you from moving forward, then, firstly, you need to learn to negotiate with them, and secondly, start exploring yourself.

Yulia suggested a technique for working with fear:

  • Write down what you are most afraid of (“the plan will fail, there will be no success in business”);
  • Imagine that right now all this has already happened to you;
  • Write down your sensations, feelings, and emotions;
  • Answer the question: What will be affected by such situations?;
  • On the opposite side, write what you would like to feel instead, and what you need to do for it;
  • What will become possible for you if the fear of failure recedes?

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Eventually, the success of any business requires strong motivation. It always lies in the values and goals of a person:

  1. Where exactly “there” do you want to get to (see point “b”)
  2. You must know WHAT you want, what RESULT you want to get, and, of course, what your deadline is. Only in this way is it possible to realize the idea
  3. Our determination and effectiveness rest on three pillars:
  • Willpower (want/don’t want, procrastination, sabotage);
  • The will to meaning (when we are drawn to something external);
  • The meaning of life (lies in the realization of our senses).

Indeed, the success of the undertaking is embedded in the motivation. It all starts with unconditional self-belief, and as a result, planning, investing, and risk-taking follow. It is then that everything succeeds, difficult issues are resolved, a resource appears for solving problematic situations, and one feels one’s value.

“Let dreams lead you forward!” – with these motivational words, Yulia finished her speech. Everything in our life – from birth to the last breath in the earthly body – begins with a dream. You just have to learn to make them a reality. With love, your GoBeauty blog.

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