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5 interesting facts about our health

We take health for granted. Eyes are watching, lungs are breathing, the heart is pumping blood and we do not even think to encourage the body to work well. We eat junk food, kill time at the computer, sleep for 4 hours. In adolescence, this does not seem important. Understanding only comes with age when health becomes worse. Why wait? Here are some 5 scientifically proven health facts you may not have known.

Running helps to keep a clear mind even in old age

Aerobic exercises help with age-related impairment of mental status, including such functions as task switching, selective attention, and short-term memory. The researchers of many studies have consistently confirmed that older athletes perform much better in mental tests than those in poor physical fitness. Moreover, in patients with stroke, regular physical activity results in improved memory, language, thinking and ability to think by almost 50%. The team of researchers found “significant improvements” in the work of the brain as a whole at the end of the experiment, and the most positive changes associated with attention, ability to concentrate, plan and organize.

The benefit of fresh juices

We have all heard about how useful fresh juices are and that they should be drunk as much as possible at the best possible opportunity. However, the latest opinion of nutritionists is fundamentally destroying this theory. At best, in their opinion, freshly squeezed fruit juice is just a serving of extra calories, at worst – floating in a glass concentrate of glucose and fructose are harmful to the body.

Frequent use may cause irregularities in the gastrointestinal tract and mucous membrane problems. Vegetable fresh juices are less harmless but it is much more useful to eat raw vegetables as they are, along with fibre. Also, in fresh juices when exposed to air, vitamins and trace elements are rapidly destroyed.


Interesting facts about the oral cavity

The health of the teeth and the entire oral cavity is the most important indicator of a person’s quality of life, including appearance, and the ability to feel the joy of delicious food and human communication.

Also, by the age of 60, a person in most cases loses more than half of receptors. But as this happens gradually, he does not feel the discomfort of this rather significant loss of taste sensitivity. But a newborn baby has them 3 times more than the average adult. Given the uniformity of diet, it seems to us at least unfair

The weight of the child depends on the father’s attention

Being overweight in your baby is not always the result of mother’s cooking. Australian scientists examined 5,000 overweight children and concluded that the less a father is involved in raising a child, the higher the risk of gaining extra pounds at a young age. This is explained by the fact that fathers prefer to play active games with physical activity. And mothers prefer more peaceful activities.

It is better to cook by yourself

Regular consumption of food in the cafe increases the risk of rapid weight gain twice. This is due to the caloric content of the products. And also to the fact that when cooking homemade food, you need to spend calories on the purchase and cooking. Besides, the caloric content of some salads in fast food establishments may be higher than the calorie content of hamburgers. And the portions in the restaurant are usually larger than we used to eat at home.

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