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5 mistakes in hair care: What am I doing wrong?, Photo 860

05 August 2022


5 mistakes in hair care: What am I doing wrong?

Quitting bad habits can change our lives. Especially when it comes to hair: every day, without knowing it, we make a lot of mistakes and spoil our curls. GoBeauty Blog has prepared a list of the most horrifying mistakes that can cost us beautiful hair.

Not enough frequent cleaning

The tendency to dry shampoo and co-washing has done its part - today, most girls are quite sure that the less they wash their hair, the less it gets dirty. In turn, experts are convinced of the opposite: no matter how your hair is trained, it will not be obeyed. The fact is that our body is a special mechanism that works according to its well-established scheme. True, some genes and other biological features allow you to wash your head at least once a week while creating the effect of thick and well-groomed hair. To others, such a system can only hurt. Lack of sufficient purification causes the follicles and pores of the scalp to become clogged. As a result - hair loss and brittleness, as well as the appearance of itching and dandruff appear. This is why the skin needs to be cleaned up with a level of dirtiness, not a strict schedule. 

Washing with too hot water

Another common mistake in hair care is the temperature of the water. Many of us like to relax in a hot bathtub, and there are also extremists who, on the contrary, like to take a cold, almost icy shower. But when it comes to washing your head, it is strongly not advisable to rinse your hair with water that is too hot or cold. This can seriously damage the hair. To keep the hair well combed, smooth and silky, it is recommended to wash it in warm water, and the final rinse is better to do with cool water. This will help close the cuticle of the hair by keeping the active components of care products in it, as well as make the hair smoother.

Going outside with wet hair

This point is relevant not only in summer but also in winter. Not completely dried curls can literally freeze or dry with the sun and burn, turning into "straw". Going outside with wet hair in winter can end in an illness. Hairdressers and doctors unanimously advise you to wash your hair 2-3 hours before going outside.

Irregular haircutting

Split ends are a problem for many girls. What to do with them? It won't work to save them. They are a dead hair structure, damaged, non-restorable keratin chains. To stop the excision process, they must be cut. Failure to do so will damage the curls one by one, further damaging the healthy hair structure. 

Improper air conditioner and mask usage

Given the current rhythm of life, this rule will be the most difficult to apply. To maximize the effect of using a conditioner or nourishing mask, it makes no sense to apply products on wet hair. The fact is that water molecules are the ideal guide for delivering useful components deep into the hair. However, if there is too much water on the hair, it becomes a blocker, filling the entire space of the hair and preventing the nutrients from entering its structure. 

Of course, even if you apply conditioner or mask on wet hair, it will still be smoother, shinier and will be better to comb. However, it will only be a cosmetic effect. The ingredients restoration can really help solve the problem of dryness and brittleness, and will never get into the hair. In order for the care products to work 100%, it is necessary to apply them on towel-dried hair along the entire length and at the tips, but in no case by rubbing them into the scalp.