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5 superfoods for the hair beauty

One of the main secrets of thick, long and beautiful curls are not masks and shampoos, but a proper diet. The presence of the right food in the diet helps to preserve the beauty and health of the hair. Foods rich in unsaturated fats, fibre or proteins stimulate hair growth, protect the curls and scalp from external damage, as well as improve blood circulation in the area of hair follicles, strengthening them and preventing hair loss.

Of course, there are more than 5 superfoods that are beneficial for the health of the hair, but we will talk today about the most effective.

Olive oil and olives


The olive pulp contains a large amount of vitamin A, E and C, which are natural antioxidants and level the damage caused to cells by free radicals. Besides, olives contain natural sugars, proteins, pectins and unsaturated fatty acids (oleic, palmitic, arachidic, stearic and linoleic). Olive oil also includes all of these ingredients. They slow down the ageing process of the scalp and hair, strengthen the hair follicles, promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.



The minerals contained in this exotic fruit, improve blood circulation, strengthen the roots and nourish the hair from the inside. A mask for hair with figs in the composition has the correct PH-factor, which gives the curls a beautiful shine.



This type of seafood, like other varieties of redfish, is one of the most effective natural products for moisturising the scalp. The high content of fatty acids helps the cells of the scalp to retain moisture as long as possible, thereby contributing to the preservation of the natural lipid shield. The scalp remains firm and dense, which is why the hair roots are strengthened.



Kefir is responsible for healthy microflora in the intestines, which affects the absorption of all foods. Therefore, when drinking kefir, calcium, protein and fat-soluble vitamins, which are so necessary for building hair, are well absorbed.



Grapefruit helps not only speed up metabolism but also strengthen hair. Useful substances from grapefruit help eliminate toxins from the body, cleanses the blood vessels, which helps to improve the condition of the scalp and strengthen the hair. Also, do not be amiss to add a couple of drops of grapefruit essential oil to your shampoo. Your hair will get less fat, and you will not have to worry about dandruff.

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