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6 beauty gadgets that will change your life

“Do it yourself” trend is gaining momentum. And not just because of the coronavirus pandemic. Taking care of yourself at home simplifies our lives and, frankly, is cheaper. GoBeauty Blog talks about new smart beauty gadgets that promise to change our daily lives and improve our beauty rituals.

Fitness mirror

This gadget is perfect for self-training at home. The large full-length mirror is equipped with a special training system and additional traction equipment that can be hidden in the back when not in use.

The mirror can be attached to the wall or installed separately. During training, it turns into a touch screen with speakers that broadcast exercises. Users watch the interactive fitness instructor and repeat movements. You can do stretching, yoga or strength exercises.

The smart mirror stores training data, gives recommendations for optimal exercises and activities, based on age and weight.

Dermaflash skin update device

Gadgets for facial skin hygiene and exfoliation are available not only in medical rooms but also at home. Like a razor, Dermaflash “sweeps away” dead cells and gently removes all the small hairs on the cheeks, chin, lips and forehead. Also, it makes the skin look younger, and makeup falls flatter than ever.

Time Control, Talika gadget for the eye contour

The miniature device with a futuristic design combines intangible microcurrents with three additional waves of light therapy. The appearance of the skin is transformed in just one minute. The gadget is equipped with anti-ageing program Time Control. It activates the mechanism of cell and skin regeneration, fights against the manifestation of various age signs, as well as removing toxins, which successfully works against oedema and provides a lightening effect.

In addition, the gadget is able to provide a lifting effect, strengthen and tighten the skin through electrical stimulation through the gentle propagation of microcurrents. Reduction of wrinkles and strengthening of the skin occurs with the help of orange light, which stimulates the work of fibroblasts, the production of collagen and elastin. And red light works to eliminate inflammation, which perfectly soothes skin irritations.


photo credit: talika_paris/Instagram

ZIIP Nano Current Skincare Device

One of the most advanced tools for home care. It works without a network and was created by a team of electrical engineers, scientists, doctors, researchers and skincare experts. By acting on the skin with a nanotube through a special conductive treatment gel, the device fights acne, signs of ageing, smoothes the wrinkled network around the eyes. Besides, it makes the skin supple and bright after four or five applications. The portable and ergonomic device is also technically advanced: it can be connected via the ZIIP application to the iPhone and choose an effective treatment method.

Oxyjet GO

Beauty-device is both unique and incredibly easy to use. First, special serums are applied to the skin, after which even the deep layers of the epidermis are saturated with active ingredients with the help of a new gadget. This is done with the help of patented technology of “pulse injections” of oxygen under pressure, which allows you to inject drugs into problem areas of the skin. Thus, you can achieve several visible effects: reducing the visibility of wrinkles, reducing the severity of pigmentation, improving colour and smoothing the skin. It is gratifying that Oxyjet GO shows results immediately after the first use, which become more pronounced after the course of procedures.


photo credit: thethumbtherapy/Instagram

Hair braiding styler

According to the manufacturer’s website and many retailers, the machine is an indispensable assistant when styling hair in one or more braids. It is used not only at home but also in hairdressers due to the durability and beauty of the hairstyle.

Styler for braiding will help to quickly create an everyday hairstyle, unusually curl locks or prepare for an evening out. To create a hairstyle, it is enough to choose locks, fixing them with a clip on the styler, and then curl the hair at the touch of a button. The device is intended both for standard braids and for unusual hairstyles.

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