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7 rules for a healthy menu for the winter holidays

Each of us is always waiting for miracles and is in anticipation of the New Year — one of the most fun and bright holidays of winter. But under the guise of a fun feast, extra pounds come to us as additional New Year‘s gifts. We decided to break this vicious circle. That is why we have prepared several healthy menu tips that will help you survive holiday feasts, protect your body from overeating, and your shape from extra centimetres.


Drink a sufficient amount of water — at the rate of 30-40 ml per 1 kg of weight. Remember that when you drink alcohol, the body loses water and dehydration occurs. It is recommended to add a glass of water for each glass of wine.


Do not sit down at the table and do not visit friends or relatives very hungry; otherwise, you are guaranteed to overeat. Try to plan your diet.

Do not hurry

You should eat slowly, chewing food carefully. By the way, this is a basic principle that is relevant not only during the holidays but also for every day.

Healthy dishes

We highly recommend pre-compiling a healthy menu. Even your favourite unhealthy recipes can be made useful. It all depends on the quality and type of ingredients. It is worth noting that the ideal night menu is fats, vegetables and proteins. Olives, old cheeses like parmesan and goat cheese, avocado, eggs, seafood, fish, vegetables (but better cooked and not potatoes) are perfect.

Activation of mini-holidays

Try to walk more, walk in the fresh air. If possible, you can plan several workouts for pleasure and the soul.

Change of mind

Replace the phrases “I only live once”, “after the holidays I’ll go to the gym” or “+ 2-3 kg — it doesn’t matter, then I’ll lose it in my frantic rhythm” by “I live and eat consciously, I love my body and develop healthy lifestyle habits.”

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Please yourself with something that you consciously want. After all, the holidays are here! But it’s better not to bring yourself to a state where you want something so badly that you no longer have the strength to hold back. Allow yourself to satisfy yourself at the right time.

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