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Applying red lipstick so that it lasts longer and leaves no traces

Red lipstick is always in fashion. But, unfortunately, it is pretty quick and most noticeably erased, and it also leaves traces.

Several simple life hacks will help keep the red lipstick on as long as possible.


Lipstick is most often erased since the non-uneven surface is applied. Therefore it is necessary to make a slight peeling before using it. This will make the surface of the lips smooth, which makes it easier to apply lipstick and prolong its presence on your lips.


Dry lips are the worst base for lipstick. But also you should not apply fat cream. It is enough to use a balm an hour before the lipstick application, or simply lubricate it with a unique base.


The tint is a base for lipstick, which can be worn without it. The colour of the tint is not erased and not smeared; it can only be washed off with special cosmetic milk or micellar water. Even if the lipstick is wiped, no one will notice if there is a tint of the same colour under it.


To fix the colour of red lipstick, a universal makeup product is enough. But it would be best to choose a special lip fixer that is applied with a brush.

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