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Baltic Blossoms. Top 5 Beauty Brands in Estonia, Photo 1916

18 August 2022


Baltic Blossoms. Top 5 Beauty Brands in Estonia

Situated in the northern part of Europe, Estonia is a country renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, digital advancements, and rich cultural history. Along with these, Estonia has also emerged as a hotspot for innovative beauty brands that perfectly blend traditional knowledge with cutting-edge technology. This article will highlight the top five beauty brands that have put Estonia on the global beauty map.


JOIK is one of Estonia's most beloved beauty brands, known for its commitment to natural and environmentally-friendly practices. JOIK offers a wide range of skincare, body care, and home fragrance products that combine traditional Estonian ingredients and rituals with contemporary science. Notable products include their rejuvenating facial serums and hand-poured scented candles.


LUMI, meaning 'snow' in Finnish, epitomizes the pure and untouched nature of the Nordic landscape. This brand has earned recognition for its skincare products, specifically formulated to combat the harsh Northern European climate. Their bioactive ingredients sourced from Baltic meadows, forests, and marshes include birch juice, sea buckthorn, and various Nordic berries, providing a unique touch to their product line.

Tilk! Bio

Tilk! Bio is a skincare brand renowned for its use of organic, locally sourced ingredients. It offers an array of products for various skin types and concerns, combining the power of nature with the precision of science. Tilk! Bio's commitment to sustainability and cruelty-free practices reflects in their products, including their popular anti-aging creams and hydrating face oils.

Ontic Minerals

As Estonia's leading mineral makeup brand, Ontic Minerals focuses on providing natural, vegan, and hypoallergenic cosmetics. Their products, from foundations and blushes to eyeshadows and lipsticks, are designed to enhance natural beauty while also caring for the skin. Ontic Minerals' commitment to creating clean, safe, and high-quality cosmetics sets them apart in the Estonian beauty scene.

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards

Though not a beauty brand in the traditional sense, the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards deserves mention for their work in the Estonian beauty industry. As an annual online awards contest, they highlight and promote the best all-natural, Nordic and Baltic beauty products, effectively offering a platform for both established and emerging brands in the region.

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Estonia's beauty scene reflects the country's love for nature, respect for tradition, and embrace of innovation. These top five beauty brands offer a range of products, from organic skincare and mineral makeup to environmentally-friendly body care, catering to a variety of beauty needs and preferences. The presence of these brands showcases the potential of Estonian beauty and its contribution to the global beauty landscape.