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Fashionable shades of nail polish this winter, Photo 3038

13 January 2024


Fashionable shades of nail polish this winter

Almost every girl faces the problem of choosing the colour of varnish for a manicure. If you are looking for trendy shades of the nail polish for the winter, pay attention to all the cold tones. Such shades are considered trendy now. But do not forget about a few warm and cosy colours.

We have prepared a selection of the most fashionable varnish colours this winter to make it easier for you to choose the very shade for nail design.


Red manicure is an eternal classic. This is one of the main shades for the cold half of the year.


Muted denim tone, bright cobalt and dark saturated, almost black shades look good on nails of different shapes and lengths.


This colour will help out in any situation, and in the winter season, it will be useful to fans of minimalism and those who do not like bright colours.

Vintage orange

We mean a shade of terracotta or a muted brown-orange. It is called vintage orange because this tone was most relevant in the 50s of the last century.


This colour will be one of the most fashionable in a manicure. And thanks to its cold hue, it is great for winter.


Instead of applying black polish on your nails, change it to charcoal or light grey tones of nail polishes. This manicure is perfect for any look from your wardrobe.