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Title Top 5 Beauty Brands Dominating Vietnam_s Cosmetics Market

With a young, fashion-conscious demographic and an increasing spending capacity, Vietnam’s beauty industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. Local as well as global beauty brands are vying to capture the hearts and wallets of this burgeoning consumer base. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 beauty brands that have made a significant impact in Vietnam’s cosmetic market, considering their popularity, product range, and unique selling points.


A prestigious brand from South Korea, WHOO has successfully created a loyal customer base in Vietnam with its line of premium beauty products. The brand features a unique blend of modern beauty science and traditional Korean royal beauty secrets, offering a wide range of skincare and makeup products. WHOO’s products, infused with oriental herbs and precious ingredients, are highly regarded for their rejuvenating properties. In addition, the brand’s exquisite packaging adds a touch of luxury that Vietnamese consumers love.


Founded in 1957, Thorakao (also known as Lan Hao Cosmetics) is one of Vietnam’s oldest and most respected beauty brands. Its products are made from locally sourced natural ingredients, often incorporating Vietnamese traditional beauty secrets. This commitment to localism and natural beauty makes Thorakao a well-loved brand amongst Vietnamese consumers. From skincare to cosmetics and hair care products, Thorakao covers a wide range of beauty needs. Their flagship product, the Curcuma Cream, is highly popular for its acne treatment and skin-brightening properties.


Another Korean beauty brand that has successfully entered the Vietnamese market is Ohui. Their products are widely acclaimed for their anti-aging properties and elegant packaging. Ohui’s skincare line is particularly popular, including the ‘Miracle Moisture’ and ‘The First Geniture’ collections. They follow a holistic approach to beauty, believing that beautiful skin comes from overall well-being, and this resonates strongly with Vietnamese consumers.

Saigon Cosmetics Corporation (SCC)

SCC is a homegrown brand, recognized for its high-quality skincare and cosmetic products made from natural resources in Vietnam. The SCC products include skincare, makeup, and fragrances. The ‘Pensee’ moisturizer, made from Vietnamese orchids, is an example of their popular offerings. SCC, with its commitment to sustainability and local resources, has earned a reputation for being a brand that truly represents Vietnam’s natural beauty.


3 Concept Eyes (3CE) is a trendy South Korean brand that appeals to the younger demographic with its vibrant and fashionable makeup line. Its color cosmetics, including lipsticks, eye palettes, and blushes, have become cult favorites among Vietnamese beauty enthusiasts. 3CE’s aesthetic, inspired by the edgy, chic style of Seoul’s youth culture, is reflected in both its innovative products and Instagram-worthy packaging.

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From local brands incorporating traditional beauty secrets to international brands bringing global beauty trends, the top beauty brands in Vietnam offer a plethora of choices to consumers. Whether it’s WHOO’s royal Korean beauty secrets, Thorakao’s local wisdom, Ohui’s anti-aging solutions, SCC’s emphasis on natural resources, or 3CE’s trendy makeup line, each brand has found its unique way to cater to the dynamic and growing beauty market in Vietnam.

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