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Features of manicure for the elderly

With age, nails, especially on the legs, become more rigid, thicker, deformed and cut off such a nail – a difficult task. Therefore, the pedicure procedure becomes a real problem for an elderly person. It is even more intense in the presence of a fungus or diabetes mellitus. If you are a nail-master or you just need to make a manicure for grandmother or mom, you should be aware of some changes that occur with age.

Ingrown nail

This is the most common problem of the elderly. Most nails ingrow on the feet, so carrying out a pedicure procedure about every four or five weeks is a reasonable caution. If the nails already show abnormalities, such as onychocryptosis (excessive nail growth) or onychogryphosis (curved nails), it is still preferable to first consult a specialist. To prevent nail ingrowth, cut them straight across (and not in the shape of the toe).


With age, the nail plate is no longer so firmly adhered to the nail bed, and there is a high risk of nail loss, even when performing the simplest daily tasks. The nail separation of the nail bed is called onycholysis and, unfortunately, this is a relatively common problem of age 50+. If you are doing manicure for an older person, you must take into account this factor and be especially careful when handling the area under the nail. Too aggressive cleansing under the fingernails is a prevalent cause of onycholysis. Elderly people are best at all to avoid excessively long nails, which can provoke additional nail injuries.


This is a fungal disease of the nails. As a rule, the nail plate is affected. With hardware treatment of nails with onychomycosis psychological discomfort and painful sensations will be minimal. Professional care of the problem helps to reduce and avoid visible manifestation and possible contamination of other nails.

It is necessary to carry out regular cleaning (once every 2-3 weeks), removing the damaged areas of the nail plate. Between the hardware cleaning, the damaged surface should be treated with exclusive fungicidal remedies.

Changes in blood circulation

This problem can lead to excessive fractures of the nails. In this case, it makes sense to refrain from products with acetone or formaldehyde as they further dry the nails. It is also worth adding vitamin supplements to the diet, which improves the general condition of the skin, hair and nails.

Dry skin

One of the most essential conditions for proper care of the hands and feet is daily hydration. Worth paying attention to creams and lotions containing ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which imitate the natural lipid barrier of the skin.

The final stage of manicure for an elderly woman will be covered with varnish. Should she restrict herself to restrained colours or to add bright paints, decide only to her.

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