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30 October 2022


Hands skincare rules

Day and night, our hands are actively exposed to various external and internal factors, so they require at least minimal skincare. We’ve put together some simple tips on how to care for your hands and how to avoid ugly torn cuticles and cracked skin that won’t save even the most original nail art.

Basic hands skincare rules

To maintain the smoothness of the skin of the hands, clean appearance and healthy nails, you should use special beauty products, make peels, baths and masks for hands. But the most important thing is to follow the daily basic care rules:

  1. The water temperature at which the hands come in contact should not be too high or too low. Use warm or room temperature water.

  2. Try to dry your hands after contact with water, as the skin of wet hands becomes more ventilated.

  3. Wear gloves in cold weather. It is best if they contain natural materials. The skin of the hands is the opponent of the temperature difference. Going from a warm room to the street is already stressful. Also, circulatory disorders are disturbed in the cold, frostbite may occur. And even from the frost, the skin dries, becomes bruised and peels.

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  1. Use rubber gloves when in contact with household chemicals. Any detergent will affect the skin negatively. Rubber gloves protect the hands from getting wet and aggressive components during cleaning.

  2. The hands are also subject to wrinkles, as is the delicate skin of the face. To create the perfect remedy, simply mix the sunscreen (SPF 40) with the usual cream and apply the resultant on your hands. If you only cover them with a tanner, the skin will gradually dry.

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  1. Keep your skin beautiful with vitamins. Foods or vitamin complexes containing vitamins A, C, E. will be useful.

  2. Drink enough water. This tip is relevant for the care of the whole body and the skin of the hands, including. The rate of water intake per day for a healthy person is 30 ml of water per 1 kg of weight.

  3. If possible, switch to natural soaps and apply homemade handwashes. Avoid acetone in nail care.

  4. Some people also apply the remedies commonly used to rejuvenate hands. Retinol increases skin elasticity, so why not take care of the skin in this way as well? If you do not want to feel uncomfortable during the day, apply an anti-ageing remedy on your hands overnight.

  5. At least once a week you need to do baths, masks or peels for hands. Practice massage daily.

And of course, the most important thing is to use cream. Properly selected hand and nail cream is half the point. It should be used after every contact with water. Put one tube at work for your convenience, another one in the bathroom, a third one in the bedroom and another small one to carry in your handbag. And do not forget the possibility of salon care and the use of professional products. If you care for your hands properly, they will look young for a very long time.