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Curly hair: moisturizing, taming and protection, Photo 2420

01 September 2023


Curly hair: moisturizing, taming and protection

Cosmetic products for curly hair were not invented by marketers. And every kinky girl knows about it. Now, however, there is something to choose from, not only among salon brands. Does the lack of any beauty care products for curly hair complicate the life of their owners? Read about this in our new article.

Specialised shampoo and conditioner

The structure of the curls is very different from the structure of “normal” hair, they are more subtle and, more importantly, rarer. Despite the apparent volume, the hair is actually less, and a small amount of hair follicles also means sebum deficiency. Therefore, the cuticle cells along the whole length of the hair sticking around, the hair is a mess, and because it is weak in itself, it also breaks. Therefore, shampoo, first of all, should be moisturising, and ideally – sulfate free. The balm or conditioner, which “patch” damaged areas of hair, well discipline curls, level the cuticle, provide a rod of smoothness and provide necessary extra nutrition. We recommend Kerasilk Control Shampoo, Goldwell.

Styling without silicone

Silicones create a waterproof coat on each strand, which helps to straighten your hair, making it silky. However, over time, the constant use of such products will dry the hair and make it even more fragile and naughty. If dimethicone and its analogues are already present in the care, then it is desirable to choose styling products without silicone, and vice versa. Try SUPER FIXER GEL by MATRIX.

Hair masks

For professionals, curly hair is divided into subtypes: wavy, curly, strongly curly, etc. The difference in the types of curls from each other is in the force of curl. But all kinds of curly hair are thin, dry and very prone to exhaustion. To maintain a right level of moisture, we recommend Smoothing Mask by Moroccanoil.

Protective cream

In addition to the dryness and fragile, nature “rewarded” curls with inclination to static electricity, which occurs when combing and styling. Therefore, in the care arsenal must be cream with a factor of thermal protection. It makes the structure denser, enveloping each hair with a weightless layer, protects from over-drying during styling and prevents the formation of static. If you straighten hair with a hair straightener, do it only on dry hair. If you like to dry hair with a hairdryer, combine warm and cold air streams. Besides, we advise you to try the LAKME Lakme hair spray with thermal protection.

Cosmetics for effective fixation

Almost all the curly girls remember how mother tried to comb curls and unwittingly embroidering them with “dandelion hats”. In order not to repeat the child’s look, try brushing the hair when it is wet. Also, take into account an indelible styling cream for curly hair. For curly hair, such products can become an alternative to traditional styling: they do not bother curls, but smooth out and give shape. You can apply it both on wet or dry hair. We recommend you to try Smoothen S6 System Professional by Wella.

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