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Rejuvenating haircuts for women

A haircut can unrecognizably change a person: visually add volume to the face or, conversely, mark the cheeks. A hairstyle can emphasize the colour of the eyes or visually reduce the nose. And it can add us years or help us look younger. We will tell about such, rejuvenating, haircuts in our new article.

Which hairstyles to choose after 30 years to look much younger than your age.


This short haircut (hair length only to the middle of the ear) was worn by Audrey Hepburn in the ‘50s and by swinging youth in the ‘60s. And nowadays, a pixie haircut helps women after 30 make their facial features visually younger. Pixie without bang is perfect for oval and triangular faces. Pixie with slanting bang is good for women with plump cheeks.

Bob haircut

Bob without a bang with long front locks will be suitable for those who are a little over 30. And graded bob haircut will never go out of style!

Cascade on long hair

With this haircut, an experienced hairdresser can divert attention from imperfections and make the face younger.

If you are over 40, then stylists recommend paying attention to these haircuts.

Cascade on short hair

The cascade is a universal haircut for those over 40. And for medium and short hair, this haircut will help you lose a few years.

Examples of haircuts that make a person younger than 50 years.

Don’t worry, you can look much younger your age. We recommend you pay attention to these haircuts.

Bob haircut with slanted or straight bangs

The first option is good for the oval face, the second (best with extra volume on the top) is for the square one.

Hair colour that matches skin hue

We know perfectly well that the dye should stay on the hair for a long time and take care of its structure. But hair dye has another feature that is often overlooked: it should give the face warmth. And the older we get, the more important this task is, as over the years our skin loses its natural blush. According to experts, complex tones are best suited for this purpose: shining honey, golden brown, chocolate and rich chestnut. 

As you can see, all the rejuvenating haircuts are characterized by the soft contours of the grading belts and the absence of too saturated artificial shades. Lightness and smoothness are the main principles of a youthful hairstyle.

Remember, whatever look you create, let it always blossom with freedom, freshness and immediacy. After all, this is youth!

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