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The best tools for modeling eyebrows

Eyebrows – a vital part of the appearance of every woman. Their correct and beautiful shape can completely change your look and face. For several consecutive seasons, the fashion on thick and wide eyebrows does not lose its relevance. Today we have especially for you made a selection of our favourite modelling products. Verified by GoBeauty Blog!

MAC Brow set


photo credit: MAC

Eyebrow gel with a brush that helps to emphasise and fix their shape. Thanks to it hairs fit exactly, eyebrows look natural and well-groomed. The gel does not spill and does not glue the strands. The product has one strange characteristic, after a couple of months of use, it becomes muddy. However, it does not affect its professional qualities. MAC Brow set is a must-have for those who want their eyebrows look well-groomed, well-defined and “tricky” at the same time.

Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil


photo credit: Bobbi Brown

New 2in1 product by the American manufacturer Bobbi Brown. On the one hand, it has a thin cushion of natural colour, and on the other – a special brush for shading. One more plus – a lucky natural palette of shades. Dark grey is for girls with black hair, brown – brownies, and beige – blondes!

Estee Lauder Brow Now Volumizing Brow Tint


photo credit: Estee Lauder

Product with one touch style unruly hairs. Unique fibrous fibres give the hair an additional volume without depriving them of naturalness. The tint is waterproof, holds for 12 hours, takes care of the eyebrows. It is conveniently applied with a special brush, slightly sharpened at the end.

Brow Crème, High Definition


photo credit: High Definition

The top British High-Definition Browes brow-brand has released an eyebrow cream in a jar with a mesh and … high price. Still, the product is worth its money, it is 100%: plastic, adjusts to any wishes: controlling the degree of pressure on the brush, you can make eyebrows like American beauty Instagram look, on the contrary, only slightly tint – it will be completely natural. Applied as a gel, but drying out, it becomes powdery. The cream fixes hairs a little and perfectly holds all day – does not absorb and does not flow.

L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit


photo credit: L’Oreal Paris


photo credit: L’Oreal Paris

Following the up-to-date trends, the French L’Oreal Paris brand has created a superb set that can find everything you need to give your eyebrows the desired shape and colour. The classic silver-black case looks very stylish. A collection has metal tweezers that remove excess hair and simulates the very form of the eyebrows, a pigmented wax that holds the strands firmly for as long as 12 hours, a comfortable crocheted brush, and velvet shades of deep brown that give the eyebrows a beautiful, saturated hue. Also in the kit is a stiff brush, which should be hardly touching comb the eyebrows, finally fixing the hairs in the right position.

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