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Rules and mistakes of summer makeup

The main rules of summer makeup are minimalism and lightness. In the summer heat skin cannot be overload with decorative cosmetics and it is better to choose products with a light texture. The key to beauty during heat is clean and healthy skin. Makeup artists recommend to pay more attention to skin cleansing and more often to moisturize it. It is important to give preference to funds with a gentle and soft composition. Choosing cosmetics for the summer, it is necessary to stop choice on the means having the factor of protection from ultraviolet SPF 10-15.


It is worth remembering that during the heat, enemies of impeccability makeup are high fever, and as a result – increased secretion of sebum and sweating. Makeup made in an air-conditioned room can be spoiled outside where the air temperature reaches 30 ° C or more. Various streaks and divorces lead to skin irritation and to the appearance of unpleasant consequences: peeling, redness, rashes, etc. In this article, we gathered basic rules for creating makeup in the summer and beauty tips that will help to avoid mistakes.

Excellent summer makeup

The basis. The naturalness of summer makeup is a guarantee of his durability and beauty. Therefore, it is impossible to use the same foundation during the heat as in the cold season. If the skin condition allows, it is better to abandon tonal remedies completely, otherwise BB and CC creams will help to equalize the tone and not heavier skin.


Eyes makeup. During the heat it is better to use shadows of pastel gentle tones, better friable textures. Because of high temperatures, the eyeliner or pencil “floats”, making the makeup sloppy. Therefore, it is better to refuse from its application in the summer. If you need to focus on the eyes, then you should choose a thin eyeliner of golden, green or purple colors. Mascara should be waterproof and should be applied preferably only on the upper lashes. In this case, only one stroke of the brush is sufficient.


To emphasize the beauty of tanning will help friable blush of bronze tones. It will emphasize beautiful shade of the skin and help to correct face shape. Use cream blush in the summer is not worth it, because in time it can betray a traitor.


Lipstick can be of any color. You should give preference to matt slightly dry textures. Pencil can not withstand the heat and will flow. After a neat application of lipstick, it is desirable to mop it with dry napkin. In summer, alternative lipsticks are persistent pigments for lips – tint.

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