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Sophrology – a new method of combating stress

The awareness practise has already been tested over time by many supporters. It helps well with anxiety, chronic pain, addictions and other problems. But what if it doesn’t suit you?

What is sophrology

The “sophrology” term (translated from Greek as “the science of mental harmony“) was introduced by Alfonso Caicedo, a Colombian psychiatrist and neurologist that developed a 12-step recovery technique in the early 1960s.

How is the lesson

Sophrology practice is conducted with a professional and is divided into five stages.

  1. First, there is a “pre-sophrological” or “pre-relaxation” dialogue. The lesson itself begins with an exchange. You talk about what worries you, what you are experiencing or feeling. Your practitioner listens to you and asks questions to understand the situation. Then offers you a lesson that suits your needs, giving all the necessary explanations.
  2. Dynamic relaxation or sophronize. Thanks to breathing exercises, the sophrologist puts you in a state of deep relaxation. The condition is achieved by alternately relaxing the five body systems (face, shoulders, etc.).
  3. After reaching a state of deep relaxation, you will be asked to evoke positive and pleasant images to maximize relaxation benefits. This condition is conducive to working on words and emerging positive images.
  4. “Desophronization” is a way out of a state of relaxation with a gradual acquisition of muscle tone after returning to a state of attentive wakefulness. It is usually performed in the direction from feet to head.
  5. Dialogue and description of phenomena. The lesson ends with a discussion of your experiences. You describe the knowledge and all the feelings. This step is also used to discuss a program of daily exercises for self-performance with the sophrologist, which will help you achieve the desired results faster.

The main rule is to relax as much as possible and not to be attached to the result. Clear and unwavering faith with relaxation is the key to victory on the way to your goal.

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