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TOP-3 tips for losing weight for the New Year

As always, each of us wants to get rid of a few inches before the New Year to shine in a gorgeous evening gown. The first thing that comes to mind is to get on a tough diet, but where do you get the strength to deliver deadlines and energy to prepare for the holiday? We have prepared 3 effective tips for how to properly prepare for the New Year’s feast and lose a few pounds.

Diet and detox

Proper nutrition is the key to healthy weight loss. So for starters, we recommend that you review your eating habits. You need to eat a little less than your body needs at first glance. To begin with, eliminate all harmful fats from the diet: refined sugar, fructose, animal fats and more. Next, replace the sweet fruits with berries and citrus fruits and the red meat with white. It is recommended to spend days off on vegetables, but not more than 1-2 times a week.


Muscle deficiency is one of the most common problems in weight loss. This is because if the body lacks muscle fibers, the fat will not burn. In order for you not to have such a problem, when you are trying to lose weight, you need to properly share the physical activity. Add strength and cardio training to your life. Do jogging, swimming or yoga.

Cosmetology procedures for figure modeling

Special spa treatments, especially with lymphatic drainage, provoke the breakdown of fats. Modeling massages, body wraps or high-drainage hardware techniques will strengthen muscle tissues and blood vessels, enhance skin tone.

But do not forget about the rest. Healthy sleep and relaxation will give you harmony and peace of mind.

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