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TOP-5 clothing issues that you can solve at the atelier, Photo 882

07 August 2022


TOP-5 clothing issues that you can solve at the atelier

Loved in a dress from the sale, but it is a little too big? Did the child spoil your favourite skirt, pouring a drink on it? Do not despair, because talented dressmaker can turn even mass-market clothing into the outfit of a dream. Today GoBeauty will tell you what problems the employees of the studio will help you to solve.

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Change the cut depth

If your dress is too modest or vice versa from the neckline you can see all the body details, go to the studio. Superhero dressmakers will bring the thing to the desired look in a few hours. It is also possible to remove the collar and slightly increase the V-neck.

Add or remove a zipper

If you have stopped wearing your favourite dress because you need to unscrew your hands like a gutta-percha trick and to fold your neck thrice, then take it to the workshop urgently. Dressmakers will help you and will add a zipper. There are nuances, for example, the fabric should be enough to add this zipper, and if the dress is sitting tight on you, the trick may not come out. By the way, if you are tired of acting like a snake, trying to fasten a zipper on the back, the workshop will again help and carry it to the side seam.

Narrow waist on skirts or pants

Let’s imagine that you finally found jeans that make your figure so appetising as Kim Kardashian, but there is one problem: they sit on your aspen waist as if there is a hole in the Mariana Trench (and no belt will cope with it). In fact, this problem can be solved elementary and quickly. Go with jeans to the atelier, and in the evening you will wear it for a date.

Sew a lining

Even in a see-through dress, you can sew the lining of a natural colour if you wish. Yes, it will not be so honest in terms of fashion, but it is incredibly practical for an ordinary person. Skirts of A-silhouette, simple dresses, straight trousers are good candidates for getting a lining. Or maybe you will choose something colourful and exciting?

Make clothes darker

This trick is possible only with natural fabrics such as denim, cotton or flax. They are straightforward to paint a few tones darker or even black. If you shed, for example, red wine into a light thing, do not cry, but just repaint it!

However, even a very talented and professional tailor will not help you overcome a thing of 2 or more sizes, fit your shoulders, illuminate the clothes or repaint in the lighter colour and change the corset of wedding dress. Also, the workshop does not work with leather and fur products. Special fur workshops are available to work with it.