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05 August 2023


TOP best summer nail designs

Summer is the perfect time for bold experiments with appearance. Warm days make you look at yourself differently, experiment with style. Well, what is the easiest thing to change in yourself? Of course, manicure! Today we have prepared a selection of fashionable summer nail designs. Get inspired and choose!

Colourful French

French manicure is a well-known and favourite classic. However, in the summer you want something interesting and creative. There is an idea! The jacket can be diluted with interesting designs, bright and colourful shades. The white stripe can be made in different colours, and the manicure coating is matte. In this case, the most fashionable and trendy manicure is presented.

Ethnic style

In the new season, ethnic motifs have become fashionable not only in clothing and footwear but also in drawings on nails, which are especially relevant in the summer. Bright summer manicure 2023 in ethnic style is beautiful ornaments, symbols and drawings paraphernalia of various ancient peoples of the world. We can not forget about beautiful Indian manicure in the style of mehndi or an original summer manicure with unusual drawings of Egyptian symbols.

Neon manicure

Summer season 2023 can not do without neon shades of manicure. It always looks bright, interesting, juicy, bold and wonderful. Manicure of a neon shade practically does not require additional elements of decoration. It looks fashionable and stylish in a solid colour. Pink, yellow, orange colours are the TOP of this season.

Tropical fantasies

The juicy shade of green, better known as “greenery” is very popular for several consecutive summer seasons. Summer nail art 2023 is no exception. The design looks very fresh and is perfect for both the city and the beach. Especially popular in the summer manicure tropical motifs.

Neon camouflage

Camouflage, just the opposite: it certainly will not go unnoticed. If you merge with the entourage, then only art or club. But since clubs in quarantine have become a utopia, art remains.

Delicate ombre

Manicure with the effect of ombre is no longer a novelty but remains fashionable in all seasons. Trendy summer ombre manicure 2023 has some differences. In addition to bright and juicy shades that can be used for a manicure for the summer in the style of ombre, you can achieve a smooth transition from shade to shade not only on one nail but on all. To do this, colour your fingernails in turn, applying a shade darker on each nail than the previous one.

Stylish geometry

If we talk about geometric summer nail designs, then not only stripes are relevant, but also various drawn geometric shapes. Remember the new trend in nail design 2023 colour block? So summer is the peak of its popularity. Trendy manicure with colourful blocks on the nails looks very stylish.

Marine theme

This is always a relevant classic. Summer manicure, done in a nautical style, can be as modest, with a small pattern on one or two nails, or rich and bright using different textures and decorations. Among the most popular ideas – images of dolphins, anchors, starfish. You can use silver mica to create the effect of seafoam.

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