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What pigmentation is and how to overcome it

Rumour has it that the spots are even in the sun. However, it does not comfort if the “tarnished reputation” is found on our skin. The appearance of chloasma on the hands, face, body does not cause such a burst of delight, such as tan. But the mechanism that triggers both of these processes is the same. What provokes pigmentation and how to deal with it? Let’s try to understand.

What is pigmentation

Skin cells are composed of many components and one of the main components is melanin. It depends on the colour of the whole body. As long as the substance is produced evenly, the tone of the skin is smooth, but as soon as the failure occurs, in the area of cells in which melanin production ceased or vice versa it became more than necessary, the tone changes, appear dots.

One or two spots do not cause great anxiety. They can be covered with the help of tonal products, though not all are able to cope with this task by 100%. But when tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of them, it is simply impossible to ignore them.

In order for the pigmentation spots not to be formed, it is necessary for the body to be completely healthy and to live in ideal conditions. Therefore, the conclusion is first – pigment spots appear in all people.

Causes of pigmentation

There are several major factors that cause unpleasant spots.

Diseases, hormonal failures, metabolic disorders

First of all, it is the physiological lesions of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Disruptions in the functioning of the large and small intestines lead to total slagging and intoxication of the body, which affects the skin. Hormonal bursts on the background of pelvic diseases, as well as decreased immunity, provoke loss of skin elasticity, dryness and pigmentation.

The harmful effects of ultraviolet light

This is the second most likely and prevalent cause of discolouration of our skin. People with thin, pale skin should be extra careful and always use SPF filters or wear a hat.

Improper cleansing and peeling

Failure to comply with hardware or dry peeling technology will result in pigmentation occurring in 80% of cases. Delayed peeling (during the sunny season) is also capable of provoking the appearance of pigment spots. Therefore, you should carefully choose a cosmetologist and trust only professionals.

Hypovitaminosis and impaired protein synthesis

Vitamin deficiency is also capable of causing pigmentation. This problem often accompanies pregnant women and teenagers. Understand what caused the appearance of dark spots on their appearance. Attention should be paid to every detail – size, colour, speed of appearance, edging, surface condition of the spot, location. Only the doctor will help to identify the cause of chloasma in this case.

Age changes

The ageing affects the whole body and the skin is no exception. Due to the prolonged influence of the factors described above, melanin in the dermis accumulates and distributes unevenly. Because of this, the skin acquires a heterogeneous structure and colour. After forty years hormonal problems are added, which leads to the loss of the body control over the production of pigments. The result is unpleasant spots on the face and body.

Defeat the enemy

At the first sign of the problem, it is best to consult a dermatologist. It will help identify the cause of chloasma and select tactics to combat it. It is possible that after the course of treatment you will forget that you once had pigmentation.

If the problem is clear, a professional cosmetologist will offer several effective methods.

Salon procedures

These are chemical peels, laser grinding, mesotherapy based on vitamin cocktails, and photorejuvenation.

Home care

A cosmetologist will help you to choose professional skincare creams for home use. The following products are most often include hydroquinone, arnica, diacetyl Boldin (extract obtained from Baldo leaves, which has a strong whitening effect), vitamin C, extracts of various herbs (mallow forest, peppermint, lemon balm) etc.

Peeling and masks

They need to be done 1-2 times a week, they intensively clean the surface of the skin from corroded cells and stimulate cell metabolism, renewing the epidermis.

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