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What vitamins are needed in the fall and where to find them

In the cool autumn evenings, our body needs even more beneficial foods that contain vitamins. It is in them the secret of our beauty and vivacity. GoBeauty Blog has learned what foods to use in the fall to be healthy and in good humour in the winter.

Vitamin A

Vitamins of group A protect the body from infections and viruses, are responsible for the functioning of the immune and respiratory systems, normalize the work of the human visual system. For men who work with complex mechanisms, doctors often recommend the use of vitamins belonging to group A. They prevent the ageing of the body and are responsible for its durability. Vitamins of this group are contained in egg yolks, liver, fish oil, butter.

Vitamin B

Lack of B vitamins in the body can lead to impaired digestive and central nervous systems. These vitamins maintain the necessary level of leukocytes in the blood and are responsible for its structural composition. The healthy appearance of the skin and hair also depends on the presence of vitamin B in the body. Fresh vegetables, herbs, cereals in the human diet in the fall should be a must.

Vitamin C

In the fall it is extremely necessary to refill it. Lack of vitamin C in the body causes the inability to fight viral respiratory diseases. Vitamins belonging to this group help to excrete copper and mercury, in particular, their toxins. Vitamin C can be replenished by eating fresh cabbage, cranberries, citrus fruits and bell peppers. Vitamin C is not accumulated or synthesized in the body. That is why it is necessary to fill it regularly.

Vitamin D

Even during the summer season, in bright sunshine and long daylight, it is difficult for us to get the right dosage of Vitamin D. The situation is complicated with age when our skin’s resources are exhausted. In the autumn, vitamin D ceases to be produced almost completely. As a result, there is a tendency to depression and boredom, rapid fatigue and poor immunity, hormonal disorders and hair loss. Recover your vitamin D deficiency and take it in the right dosage, following your doctor’s recommendation. Better yet, buy a plane ticket to a sunny country.

Vitamin E

It is considered to be the strongest natural antioxidant. It supports immunity, participates in the synthesis of hormones, protects cells from damage, slowing the formation of free radicals.

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Vitamin E is responsible for vasodilation, helps fight dermatological and eye diseases, and stabilizes the nervous system. In order for the body not to need vitamin E in the fall, it is necessary to refresh its reserves, including vegetable oil, berries, apples, plums, plums in the diet.

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