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Allergic rhinitis – a seasonal illness of the summer

In the summer, many people suffer from seasonal allergies – the increased sensitivity of the organism to the pollen of plants that bloom this season. Often, people who suffer from allergic rhinitis or hay fever, come to an allergist during flowering, while the treatment of this disease is sufficient if it is not conducted in the season. GoBeauty Blogwill tell you about the summer allergy, its causes and methods of combating the problem.

Causes of hay fever

To aggravate a disease can many factors:

  • Heredity (if one or two parents were allergic, then the child with a probability of 70% will also have it);
  • Damaging environmental conditions (emissions from production and exhaust emissions);
  • Human predisposition to other types of allergy. In this case, the seasonal allergy is secondary;
  • Strong sensitivity of the organism about some allergens. The immune system begins to produce antibodies in response to the emergence of allergens, for example, pollen;
  • Chronic diseases of the bronchi and lungs;
  • Weak immune system;
  • Harmful work (e.g. contact with harmful substances through the skin, mucous membranes of the eyes, respiration).

How to overcome an illness

Is it possible to completely deprive a person of such an individual reaction of an organism? Unfortunately, medicine is not omnipotent, but you can achieve sustained long-term improvement and deprive a person of all unpleasant allergic manifestations.

Medicines used for the treatment of hay fever can be divided into several groups.

  1. Antihistamines, anti allergic medicines, which can be used locally (drops, sprays), and take in (tablets).
  2. Drugs that suppress allergic inflammation or “allergic cascade.” These usually spray, nasal or eye drops.
  3. Glucocorticosteroid drugs of local and systemic effects. This drug is a complex action – hormones, which should be taken in the case of ineffectiveness of other therapies. Local (topical) steroids, as a rule, are nasal sprays or eye drops (the first ones are used more often).
  4. Sorbents. They have a significant effect in complex therapy because they help to remove allergens coming from the mucosa and the gastrointestinal tract. Apparently, these are the main groups of drugs used to treat seasonal allergies.
  5. Specific immunotherapy – another method of treatment, in which process develops protective antibodies. It is conducted not during the season of allergen blossom. One course of treatment for specific immunotherapy includes from 35 to 40 injections. Such a procedure is usually performed until 50 years, after the age barrier, the immune system’s response is considered ineffective. Specific immunotherapy can be performed annually if, after the first course of treatment, there was no desired effect.

Prevention of hay fever

To prevent seasonal allergies, contact with the allergen and other stimuli (tobacco smoke, animal wool, chemicals) should be avoided, prompt prophylactic administration of drugs before the season of allergen allergy. Also, allergen-specific immunotherapy is active.

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