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The Top 5 Beauty Brands in Greece, Photo 1935

15 March 2021


The Top 5 Beauty Brands in Greece

Greece, a country steeped in history and tradition, is not just known for its ancient ruins and exquisite cuisine. Over the years, it has developed a reputation for its remarkable beauty and skincare products. Utilizing an array of local natural ingredients, these brands offer holistic approaches to beauty and wellness. Let's delve into the top five beauty brands making a significant impact in the Greek cosmetic industry.

1. Korres

When discussing Greek beauty brands, one name that inevitably stands out is Korres. Established in 1996 by George Korres in Athens, the brand has become globally renowned for its fusion of nature and science. Korres excels at creating products based on Greek flora, traditional homeopathic remedies, and food-derived ingredients. The company's all-natural formulations, such as their famed pomegranate balancing cream-gel moisturizer and Wild Rose advanced brightening sleeping facial, have found admirers worldwide.

2. Apivita

A blend of the words 'Apis' for Bee and 'Vita' for Life, Apivita has lived up to its name since its inception in 1979. Founded by pharmacists Nikos and Niki Koutsiana, the brand heavily utilizes bee products, Greek herbs, and botanical extracts. The sustainable company is known for its natural and holistic approach to skincare and haircare. One of its most recognized products is the Express Beauty face mask line with ingredients ranging from propolis to pink clay. Apivita also offers a unique line of bee-derived products, such as their Propolis Solution for oily and combination skin.

3. Fresh Line

Inspired by the rich history of ancient Greek beauty rituals, Fresh Line was founded in 1992 and is known for its handmade cosmetics. All Fresh Line products are based on natural ingredients such as herbs, fruits, and essential oils. The brand has a wide range of offerings, including face and body care, hair products, and even aromatherapy items. Their standout product is arguably their range of artisanal soaps, made with Greek olive oil and filled with rich aromas from local herbs and spices.

4. Olive Era

Olive Era is a brand that places the famed Greek olive at the heart of its products. Founded in the early 21st century, Olive Era is committed to harnessing the nourishing and antioxidative properties of olive oil. From their olive oil-infused skincare products to their haircare line, the brand has become a staple in many Greek homes. One of their most praised products is the Olive Era Night Face Cream, which effectively rejuvenates the skin and imparts a youthful glow.

5. KORINA New York

Although based in New York, KORINA's founders hail from Greece and uphold the traditional Greek philosophy of "Pan Metron Ariston" meaning "moderation is best." The brand focuses on creating products that promote a balanced lifestyle. Each product is crafted with minimal ingredients and the simplicity of the brand extends to its packaging as well. The most popular product in their lineup is the Natural Deodorant, which is aluminum-free and comes in a variety of light, fresh scents.

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These five brands epitomize the heart of Greek beauty - natural, simple, and steeped in tradition. With their products rooted in Greece’s rich flora and traditional remedies, they offer the world a touch of Greek beauty and wellness, reminding us all that beauty extends beyond the surface.