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How to restore damaged nails

Over the past few years, gel varnishes have virtually replaced the usual nail polishes. And this is not surprising: super-resistant for several weeks, bright colour, and most importantly – no more “failed” nails and painful expectations until the varnish is finally dry. However, after constant use of “long-playing” manicure, some girls begin to complain about the deterioration of the nail condition. What is the cause of the problem and how to get rid of it? GoBeauty has figured it out.

Why nails are affected

There are many causes of damage to the nail plate.

  1. The composition of substandard gel varnishes contains harmful chemicals and toxic substances which, when reacting with the nail surface, gradually corrode it. Typically, these products include copies of global brands such as CND and Kodi, as well as cheap Chinese counterparts that can attract striking advertising and price.
  2. Grinding. Before applying the material, the master must cut the top smooth layer of nails so that the surface becomes slightly rough, and the more the master “overdone”, the thinner the plate will become and the more time it will take to restore it).
  3. The nails do not breathe. If you constantly wear gel varnish, your nails simply do not have the ability to “breathe” – to be saturated with oxygen. This is fraught with problems such as yellowing of the plate and delamination.
  4. Improper removal of shellac. Prolonged exposure to acetone (because it will have to be maintained until the dissolution reaction of a strong, polymerized coating is complete) destroys the nail structure.

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As a result: white spots appear on the nails. It changes their structure, become brittle, weak and soft, and until the complete restoration process is completed, the nails remain damaged.

How to help weakened nails

Even if you have done the procedure only 2-3 times, your nails are well “beaten” and they need more careful care. What to say about nails, which were not allowed to rest for several months. How to restore nails? There are several effective methods.

Healing baths

Add sea salt, chamomile and a drop of olive oil to the water. Immerse your hands in this liquid for 10-15 minutes. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week.


Crush 1 capsule of Vitamin E and then rub it into the nail plate and cuticle. This procedure can be performed daily before bedtime. In addition to the vitamin, lemon juice and olive oil are suitable.

Professional nail care

These are nail oils that are in the range of almost every cosmetic brand. Apply oil for at least 1 whole day, preferably 2-3 times, even if the nails are covered with coloured lacquer.

Medical varnish

It can be coloured or transparent. Most believe that they are not much use because there is a varnish base. However, their plus is that they are artificial nail reinforcers – they make them very hard, which means they save from brittleness. In addition, they protect the nails from the effects of water and various chemicals.

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It’s best to use all the advice at the same time. Nails become thin and brittle after gel varnish, so do not leave them uncoated. However, it is possible for a while to abandon coloured lacquers and purchase transparent medical ones designed to make your nails firmer. Nail and cuticle oil can be applied daily directly on top of this nail polish. But the reinforcing fluid should be used between layers.

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