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The main beauty trends that we will follow this year, Photo 3054

14 January 2024


The main beauty trends that we will follow this year

“What beauty trends are relevant in 2024?” – the question that every fashionista now asks. We have the answer to it! Here is a list of the most stylish and beautiful beauty trends that will be relevant throughout the year. Get inspired!

Soap eyebrows

You can forget about dark eyebrows on half of the face. Airy, light and without a drawn contour, the so-called “new black”. Now the eyebrows will look more like eyebrows, rather than the makeup of a theatre actor or a cartoon.

One of the main procedures that will help to get trendy eyebrows is lamination. The so-called “soap” eyebrows can be made at home, you only need the appropriate tool and brush.

You can lay eyebrows with a fixing gel, but do not overdo it so that they remain loose and airy.

Kim Kardashian’s nude makeup

Natural beauty is still with us and is unlikely to ever leave us. So nude makeup is a great option for girls with problem-free skin. To moisturize the skin and make it smooth, you first need to apply a light base on the face: liquid, gel or cream – this is what Kim chooses. Only then she uses a foundation and carefully shades it with a thick brush, not forgetting about the neck and chin, and then applies a light concealer on small inflammation and dark circles under the eyes and lightly powders the T-zone.

To make the face look more natural and voluminous, Kim emphasizes the cheekbones, back of the nose, forehead with a dark soft pencil and adds a light glow with a light highlighter with sparkles. To highlight the eyes, she uses the same palette with which she contoured face, and imposes the darkest shade on the fold of the upper eyelid.

For the perfect everyday makeup, all you have to do is comb your eyebrows, apply black mascara on eyelashes, and a matte brown pencil on your lips.

The effect of kissed lips

The effect of kissed or wine lips is a favourite trick of many makeup artists, which, fortunately, is easy to repeat at home. The secret of the Asian trend in a certain technique of applying lipstick. We apply it in the centre and shade with a brush, reducing the colour to zero to the contour of the lips. It looks like you have just been kissed by a loved one. The simple technique saves time and effort, especially when using spectacular colours. Shades range from peach pink to classic red.

Neon eye wings

If you want to try neon in makeup, but are afraid that the result will be too bright, start with thin wings. Neon eyeliner will stand out in your look, but will not cause questions and you will only receive compliments. This is a good catch of makeup artists: neon accents look unusual in makeup but do not create the feeling that in the pursuit of originality you overdid it.

Use a neon liner to outline the eye in a circle. Then add sharp corners to the outside of the stroke. Finish the makeup with pink blush and a translucent layer of the same pink lipstick.

Wet makeup

Is the glossy finish back in fashion or did it go nowhere? Something we do not remember the year when wet eye makeup was not in trend. Moreover, this makeup is considered to be one of the sexiest, so it is worth adopting and mastering the technique of its creation.

To make eyes makeup with a moisturizing effect, you will need eye gloss. They can be applied with an ordinary sponge. But remember, such makeup is not stable and it will need to be periodically corrected.