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31 August 2023


Makeup tips for blondes

Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Claudia Schiffer … what joins these beauties? Golden curls that made them queens of beauty.

Read a selection of life hacks for blondes and highlight your beauty.

Choose the correct shade of eyeshadows

Best for owners of golden curls are light and medium neutral shades. For lovers of smoky eyes, dark brown shades are suitable for cold blond and bronze for warm.

The colour of the eyelashes is also important

If you have a light skin tone and light eyelashes, dark brown mascara looks natural and less sharp for the eyes.

Naturalness is also very important. Therefore, be sure to get high-quality mascara, which does not leave lumps and does not glue the cilia.

Tint eyebrows

To make a face look brighter, eyebrows should be one shade darker than the hair. Eyebrows or gel-fixer will help you to achieve this.

Take into account your shade

Platinum blondes should stick to cool colours when choosing makeup. Green, dark grey and silver are an excellent choice for the eyes. Almost any shade of pink can be good for lips, and cold red is another amazing option. Give up any lipstick that somehow relates to orange colour.

Honey or caramel blondes with golden skin must have red lipstick. This hair colour is more versatile and suits almost any colour in make-up, although orange and cold red shades may look better than ordinary red ones.

Take into account your eye colour

If a blonde with blue eyes choose grey, silver or blue for eye makeup, she definitely does not lose. Girls with gold-brown hair and brown eyes are best-suited gold, brown and plum tones.

Colour of the skin

If you have a darker or olive skin tone, try earthy shades. Pale blondes can use any colour, but definitely not too light, so that it does not discolour the face.

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