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Strawberry: the best berry of the summer season, Photo 2095

15 June 2023


Strawberry: the best berry of the summer season

Strawberry is a perennial plant belonging to the rose family. By the XVII century by crossing with different varieties appeared pineapple strawberries. This species is present now in all gardens.

Useful properties of strawberries

Stimulates brain health and prevents the development of neurodegenerative diseases

The berries contain many flavonoids, especially anthocyanidins, which improve cognitive properties. For this reason, health professionals advise everyone to include berries in their diet as often as possible. It fights oxidative stress, memory loss and diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Protects against heart disease

Antioxidants contained in strawberries help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, it has been shown to reduce the inflammatory response in the body, which is a major cause of heart disease.

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Antioxidants fight the oxidation process which is associated with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke or other coronary heart diseases.

Protects the skin from damage

The berries contain vitamin A and vitamin C, which improve the condition of the skin, including regulating the processes of hydration, fat formation, wrinkles, skin discolouration, reducing the risk of skin cancer and its elasticity.

And the high level of vitamin C is an additional advantage that is associated with stimulating collagen synthesis, protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Helps in detoxification

Strawberry help detoxify or cleanse the body, helping to restore the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

For a healthy pregnancy

A cup of strawberries provides about 9% of the daily norm of folic acid (the type of vitamin B needed for tissue growth, proper cell function). It is especially important for a healthy pregnancy. Folic acid also helps prevent anaemia.

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