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18 July 2022


Why we all need meditation

The general passion for meditation has been gaining momentum in recent years. It is believed that ancient practices that originated in Buddhist religious culture help to improve lives. Indeed, if practice meditation regularly, you can improve your health and emotional state. What are the benefits of millennial technology? Read about it in our article.

What is it for?

Meditation helps us understand that true happiness lies within ourselves. Satisfaction and harmony, which we tend to make dependent on external circumstances, are an integral part of our nature. Unfortunately, in our search for happiness, we are so used to relying on external causes that we often do not know how to discover this “wealth” within ourselves. Although, we have the potential to experience deep and lasting happiness, which does not depend on external circumstances. The purpose of meditation is not alienation from the world. The awakening of that beautiful beginning can transform us spiritually and intellectually.

The benefits of practice for the body and mental health

During the practice, there is a full relaxation of the body. But at the same time, it starts many processes that affect the physical and mental state of man, as well as affect the figure. Let’s understand what meditation does with our body at a deep level.

You become healthier

The vagus nerve connects the heart and brain. Some studies show that people who meditated for 15 minutes once a day showed an increase in vagus nerve tone. It means lowering the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

Brain activity and mental state improved

Meditation has a positive effect on the brain. Numerous studies have shown that the amygdala is significantly reduced in size during practice. A person becomes more balanced and less sensitive to stimuli from the external environment.

Also, meditation helps release fears, pain and resentment, stimulates brain activity, increases concentration and attention.

You escape from negative emotions

It has long been observed that meditations balance the psycho-emotional state. Fears, pain and resentment will not be so important, and you will easily let it go. And instead of self-digging and depression will come sensitivity and compassion for other people. Decent replacement, right?

You feel less pain

When people that experience chronic pain due to the disease were taught meditation, there was a decrease in pain severity and the ability to calmly tolerate the existing one. Meditation influences the processes that take place in the brain and teaches the skill of self-generating positive emotions.

It becomes easier to lose weight

Weight loss is linked to metabolism. Stress is an obstacle to the proper functioning of the body, and constant nervous tension can lead to weight gain. Therefore, to speed up metabolism, it is significant to learn to relax.