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You are perfect: choosing lipstick by colour and quality, Photo 2556

30 September 2023


You are perfect: choosing lipstick by colour and quality

Finding the perfect lipstick is a real quest, especially if you are not a beauty expert and don’t have visage experience. The choice is not just good, it is extremely large! What to do? Read our article, of course, and remember the main thing.

How to choose a lipstick colour

First, determine your skin tone. There are only three undertones of the skin: cold, warm and neutral. Here are some simple questions to help you understand which one is yours.

Cold skin tone

  • Does your skin have a blue, pink or reddish tint?
  • The veins on your wrist are blue?
  • Do you blush easily and quickly?
  • Do you like silver jewellery in colour?

If you answered yes – you have a cold undertone. Choose the right lipstick colour.

Cool shades with light skin: soft mocha lipstick or nude matte lipstick colour. Any shades of blue, such as plum, cherry, purple, crimson and purple, are also suitable.

Cool shades with medium skin colour: choose pink or cranberry hues.

Tanned or dark skin with a cold undertone: ruby or wine shades are your options.

Warm skin tone

  • Does your skin have a yellow, gold or olive tint?
  • Are the veins on your wrist cast blue or greenish?
  • Are you easily get tanned?
  • Do you look better in gold jewellery?

If you answered yes – you have a warm undertone. Choose the right lipstick colour.

Warm complexion with light skin: buy a lipstick colour of a dusty rose or a delicate peach shade. And orange tones of red and trendy green will complement your look perfectly.

Warm to medium complexion, tan and dark skin: bet on copper or bronze shades.

Neutral skin tone

  • Are your veins both bluish or greenish at the same time?
  • Are you both beautiful in gold and silver?

If you answered yes, you have a neutral skin tone. Choose the right lipstick colour.

The neutral undertone in combination with any skin colour: you can wear both cool and warm shades. From red lipstick to blue.

How to choose a quality lipstick basing on composition

The quality of the lipstick is no less important than the colour. So look for the information printed on the tube in small print. Good lipstick includes natural Carnauba bee or candelilla wax, dye. The base is natural wax.

Poor quality lipstick, which includes synthetic wax, mineral oils, paraffin, preservatives, and shelf life is one year or more.

If you see mineral oil in the composition, this is the first signal. Mineral oil is a product of oil refining. When exposed to mucous membranes, causes allergies.

Paraffin harms the teeth. Getting on the tooth enamel, it closes the capsule in which the bacilli multiply. A thin, imperceptible layer of paraffin does its “black work” even when we do not see the brightly coloured pigment on the teeth.

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The lipstick is stored for no longer than 69 months after opening. However, if the shelf life is a year or two after you start using it, then there are many preservatives in the product.