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5 low-cost products for makeup remover

Qualitative makeup remover is a pledge of deep cleansing of the face and ability to additionally moisten and enrich dermis with nutrients. Korean women repeat this procedure several times and after that apply decorative cosmetics. Choosing various foams and lotions to remove makeup women should be guided by their skin type, as well as the durability and amount of applied makeup. In our article, we will tell you in detail about low cost and quality products for removing makeup.

Two-phase lotions for makeup removal.

It is a product that consists of oily and watery part. It should be well shaken before use. Such type of products cleansing skin very well, including persistent makeup. Natural oils contained in the oil part soften and nourish the skin. Water component is enriched with extracts of medicinal herbs. Therefore it removes makeup and refreshes the skin. The most low-cost products: lotion for removing makeup 2 in 1 “Express cleansing” Garnier, “Double effect” from Nivea Visage, etc.

Micellar water and lotion.

The main component of this product is the smallest particles of oil (micelles). It gently cleanses the skin from makeup and helps to cope with pimples and acne. Micellar lotions and water moisturize skin and are suitable for removing persistent makeup. Low cost, but quality products are Garnier Micellar water, Micellar water Purification 3in1 from Nivea with grape seed oil and vitamin B5, Lirene Beauty Care 3 in 1 Micellar Solution, etc.


Hydrophilic oils.

Korean product, that quickly won the trust of domestic beauties. It is a mixture of oils and emulsifiers, which, when in contact with water, turns into milk. Hydrophilic oil perfectly cleans face from tonal bases, persistent lipsticks, waterproof mascara. After application, the product is easily and completely washed off with ordinary water, it does not dry the skin and does not clog pores. It is worth paying attention to Hydrophilic oil “Lemon Tea Tree” Saloos and other products of this manufacturer.



By its composition, it is closer to the usual products for washing and its cleaning effect depends on the amount and density of the foam. Often, foam fans recommend using special sponges, which thanks to 100% natural composition is gently cleansed, exfoliates and massage face skin. Foam perfectly copes with decorative cosmetics, skin fat and any other contaminants. Excellent in usage is Cleansing gel Wash-Away Gel Cleanser from Clinique, Holika Holika Daily Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Foam and other products of this Korean brand.


Cleansing milk and cream.

This kind of makeup remover is ideal for allergy sufferers and women with sensitive skin. It does not have surfactant in composition, but rather contains a high percentage of moisturizing components. After applying cleansing milk, you shouldn’t apply night cream. At the same time, it will completely wash away even waterproof makeup. To moisturizing and cleansing the skin will help cleansing milk “Luxury food, Extraordinary oil” L’Oreal Paris, Makeup remover milk with a grape extract from Garnier, Delicate cleansing milk from Nivea Visage, etc.


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