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5 the most awkward questions to a gynaecologist

Each of us has questions about the intimate sphere of life, which we do not dare to voice even in the gynaecologist’s appointment. That is why we are left without answers, and ignorance provokes problems with women’s health. Find out the answers to the most awkward questions.

My breasts are different sizes, is it safe?

Breast asymmetry occurs in many women, especially in adolescence (with age, the difference is smoothed). It is an individual and completely normal feature. There is nothing dangerous in it. However, be sure to consult a gynaecologist if one of the breasts began to enlarge or you found a distinct dense lump in it. It may be a symptom of a tumour.

It hurts during sex, what’s wrong with me?

Often pain during sex occurs due to dryness. But sometimes dryness is caused by a hormonal failure – a decrease in estrogen levels. It can be caused by taking inappropriate oral contraceptives, menopause, unbalanced diet, excessive exercise. If your gynaecologist suspects this is the reason, he or she may suggest an alternative method of contraception or prescribe drugs that increase female hormone levels.

Another option – no dryness, but having sex still hurts. Here we can talk about diseases of the genital system – endometriosis or uterine fibroids. The gynaecologist will make the correct diagnosis and tell you how to deal with the problem.

How should my genitals normally smell? I think the smell is specific

Normally, the genitals should not smell specifical. Why? Because the medium that should be contained in the vagina is lactobacilli, Dederlein’s bacilli. They give either a neutral odour or slightly sour. In any case, the smell should not be sharp and should not cause discomfort.

If the genitals emit too strange or specific odour, which attracts attention, which seems unpleasant, it means that there is some pathology – either local or systemic, as in diabetes. Thus, the appearance of a pungent odour may indicate a violation of the hormonal background and some serious systemic pathologies.

I don’t want to have sex, is that okay?

Low libido is found in many. There are many reasons for this: fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, relationship problems, depression. All of this can be solved. A gynaecologist will advise you what to change in lifestyle or, if necessary, refer to a specialist – a psychotherapist.

But sometimes a decrease in libido is a purely physiological problem. You may be taking medications that have this side effect. Or you develop a thyroid disease that you have not yet guessed. Also, decreased libido can be caused by hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes and more. The gynaecologist is competent enough to suspect such causes and prescribe the necessary tests and treatment.

When is intimacy possible after childbirth?

After the birth of a baby, a woman does not always quickly return to former sexual form. Therefore, gynaecologists insist on detention for one and a half to two months, and sometimes up to six months. That is how long it takes the body to heal wounds, restore hormonal balance, forget about the pain. Ideally, you should feel that the time has come and you want to.

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