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16 October 2023


Bee products in cosmetics

Everyone knows medicinal properties of honey, as a substitute for sugar and a compulsory medication for influenza. However, it, as well as bee glue, royal jelly, wax, flower pollen and even bee venom are unique and effective ingredients of various cosmetics. Due to its high biological activity, beekeeping products include in composition of medical products and cosmetics for face and body skin, hair, they are used to improve quality of decorative cosmetics. In this article we will talk about peculiarities of cosmetics with honey and other products of beekeeping.

Healing secrets of bees

Already in ancient Egypt healing and rejuvenating properties of honey were well known. Therefore it is not surprising that almost all modern manufacturers have series of products containing honey. This tasty product has antimicrobial, nutritional, purifying and moisturizing properties. Soap, masks, creams and lotions containing honey, inhibit the aging process of skin, regenerate its structure, relieve inflammation and moisturize. These drugs are suitable for sensitive and problematic skin. Honey contributes to normalization of the sebaceous glands. Contraindicated cosmetics with honey for people with pronounced allergies to beekeeping products.

High-quality creams, ointments and masks are made on basis of natural beeswax. This product is rich in vitamin A, organic acids and other medicinal components. It is non-toxic and is often used in manufacture of lipsticks, blush with a creamy texture, hair care products, deodorants. Wax is used in the perfume industry.

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Thanks to disinfectant and regenerating properties, bee glue has become an indispensable component of medical cosmetics, shampoos and masks for hair, toothpastes, shaving products. This product moisturizes the skin, prevents destruction of natural protective barrier of the skin, has a harmful effect on pathogenic microorganisms and triggers regenerating properties of the skin.

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Bee venom and royal jelly are ingredients of elite and effective anti-aging cosmetics. It helps to fight wrinkles, pigment spots and other shortcomings. Cosmetics with its content start process of rejuvenation, tone up and nourish skin. Shampoos and conditioners with its content stimulate hair growth and make them stronger and healthier. With cosmetics that contains natural beekeeping products, it’s easy to stay young and attractive.

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