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Microneedling – a procedure for the beauty and youth of the skin

Do you want to save the skin or return the elasticity of it, but not ready for invasive techniques? Well, pay attention to the microneedling procedure. This is an advanced version of massage able to solve many cosmetic problems, namely:

  • slow down skin ageing;
  • adjust the contour of the face;
  • stabilize pigmentation;
  • cure cellulite;
  • cure scars;
  • narrow pores;
  • activate hair growth.

Cosmetologists consider micro needling to be a revolutionary invention. Non-surgical minimally invasive method for improving the tone and elasticity of the skin submits by its almost instantaneous results, and by controlling the depth of penetration of the needle – safety.

A versatile, suitable for any type of skin procedure allows you to treat both hyperpigmentation cells and scar skin deformation. Microneedling is not accepted on irritated or inflamed skin, in the presence of infections and the aggravation of chronic diseases.

How micro needling is provided

The procedure is divided into several stages. After cleansing the skin on it, a substance that will help to achieve the desired effect is applied. It can be a remedy to eliminate pigmentation and inflammation, a solution with substances and antioxidants that stimulate the synthesis of collagen. Next – massage with a mesoroller or dermapen (a device with a needle for point impact on the problem areas of the skin), after which the skin undergoes additional purification.

Thus, with this method, a cosmetologist can correct a lot of skin problems. It is vital that the procedure can be carried out even on thin and sensitive skin since the traumatism is minimised. Pain sensations during manipulations with needles, which length is less than 1 mm, tolerable, and blood droplets appearing on the skin – just a signal that the perforation was successful.

How does this work?

Micro-skin injuries that the patient receives during the procedure stimulates the processes of regeneration and synthesis of their own collagen fibres, and serve as channels for the rapid delivery of active components to the deep layers of the dermis. And this is not only a rejuvenating procedure but also a therapeutic, which can significantly improve the quality of the skin. What does it mean? That to try microneedling is meaningful at any age.

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