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iHerb – a health and beauty provider

iHerb is a world-renowned online retailer that offers more than 35,000 items. High-quality vitamins, bioactive supplements, sports nutrition, natural products, organic cosmetics, skincare products without harmful components, natural and safe household chemicals, baby products and more. The choice is enormous and could be lost if it weren’t for GoBeauty Blog, which will help you choose the best of the best.

Natural Factors, BioSil, a ch-OSA drug that improves collagen production


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This is a unique supplement that almost everyone has a positive effect on. Biosil has undergone clinical trials and has proven effective for skin, hair, nails and bones. The patented formula Biosil ch-OSA promotes the production of its own collagen.

The biological supplement has a huge effect: moisturizing the skin (lack of dryness and flaking), strengthening nails, improving skin and hair. The only disadvantage is the unpleasant taste of the droplets, but if they are diluted in a large amount of water, it becomes quite acceptable.

Illuminating glycolic mask, with pumpkin and honey by Andalou Naturals


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The mask has the aroma and taste of pumpkin mixed with ginger and is essentially a vegetable puree. Glycolic acid in low concentration is used for light acid peels. While applying the mask on the skin, a slight tingling sensation is felt, and after washing the face remains reddened (precisely due to the peeling effect), but much more even and radiant. It is best to apply this mask during evening treatment. The redness goes away after about 30 minutes – an hour. The mask is ideal for normal, oily and combination skin.

The natural cocoa butter in a stick


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This yellow “pencil” has long been one of iHerb’s visit cards. And it is not surprising! It is just natural cocoa butter – without the smallest dyes, preservatives and other additives. This butter perfectly moisturizes and softens everything: lips, bruised skin on elbows, irritated by wind and winter frosts skin of face. Bonuses are the divine aroma of expensive chocolate and low price.

The only downside to the butter is its firm consistency. Before applying it to the skin, you will have to hold it in your hands a little to get it warm. But is this really a problem?

Jarrow Formulas organic coconut oil


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Organic coconut oil is another longtime hit of iHerb. On the website of the store, you can find oils from different manufacturers and any packaging, but all are 100% natural, without flavours and preservatives.

Jarrow Formulas oil is a leader among similar product in a combination of price and quality, and thousands of enthusiastic reviews confirm this. Its plus is versatility. Organic coconut oil can be used in food: to add to soups and cereals, to fry pancakes on it and even to put a teaspoon in coffee – to give the drink exotic aroma and nutritional value. In this form, coconut oil can be considered an extremely useful bio supplement to the diet: it contains lauric acid – a known antiviral and antiseptic, as well as several essential fatty acids – linoleic and oleic.

In addition, the oil is suitable for cosmetic applications – as a moisturizing and nourishing mask for skin and hair. And if you add a bit of ground coffee or salt to it, you’ll get an environmental softening scrub.

Madre Labs biotin hair shampoo


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Another undeniable hit on iHerb is shampoo without sulfates and parabens, but with citrus juice. We can not say unequivocally that shampoo really affects the density of hair. But it definitely makes the hair shinier (apparently due to the citrus juice in the composition) and rinses it perfectly. It is not recommended to use it without conditioner unless you have not very oily hair. This shampoo powerfully removes all excess sebum (not too much for dry hair)!

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