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24 July 2023


TOP-5 summer activities for health and beauty

Summer is a great time to pay attention to yourself and start exercising. The warm weather promotes not only a good mood but also physical activity. What more than swimming to do this summer to become even more beautiful and healthy? GoBeauty Blog knows about it.

Exercising in the fresh air

If you have already normalised your daily routine and wake up with the dawn, you should move to a new level of care for yourself – to do morning exercises. Fresh air and singing birds will help you to cheer up. After exercising, treat yourself with freshly cooked coffee or tea with a tasty croissant.

Running in the park

When preparing for a vacation, visit the nearest park and run several kilometres. This is the easiest way to get rid of extra pounds and to strengthen the muscles of the legs. To see the results, you should run at least three times a week, and on other days you should go to the gym.


Another useful and enjoyable way to lose weight. You can walk slowly down the streets and parks, you need to walk 3 kilometres a day. Already after 1 month, you will start to lose extra pounds. By the way, studies have shown that the most effective walking is that with slowdown and acceleration.

Meditation on the coast

The beach is the perfect place to work on your thoughts and feelings. Sea waves help to relax and relieve tension. If you’re new to these practices, write down an audio guide that directs the process in the right direction. If you’re pro, use nature as a resource that will give you strength and inspiration.

Yoga in the park or on the beach

You can practise yoga anywhere you want. To train, it’s enough to take a mat with you. Yoga exercises are aimed at maintaining (or gaining) good physical shape, strengthening muscles and developing breathing techniques. A pleasant bonus from regular classes – the nervous system strengthening and mind calming.

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